SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 7-year-old is out of $300 after burglars broke into his family’s North Highlands condo and stole his piggy bank.

Nikita Moroz has spent three years working and cleaning around the house to save his money.

“I had to clean my room,” he said.

But Sunday his mother, Alla Istomin, got a call from detectives that teens broke into their condo. They busted through the front door.

Once inside, they took the family computer and iPod along with Nikita’s piggybank.
He’s saved more than 300 dollars.

“I didn’t feel good,” he said.

A neighbor saw the break-in and called the sheriff’s department.

Once they arrived, deputies caught one suspect inside. Another tried to make it out the window, but he was arrested too.

“They took all the valuable stuff, but it doesn’t even matter what they took from me,” his mother said. “The thing is, they took something from my kid.”

That something was more than just dollars and cents. Nikita was saving up, not for a new toy but a new life for his family.

“A new house,” he said.

“That’s his dream, he wants us to buy a bigger house in a different area,” his mother said.

The two suspects were arrested for burglary and conspiracy, but even with them in custody, deputies haven’t recovered the piggy bank.

Nikita just hopes that someone will see this story and help him get his piggy bank back.

Comments (40)
  1. krp says:

    Burglars today, the taxman tomorrow. You’ll have to learn sometime kid.

  2. Ken Courington says:

    Either the piggy bank was recovered or it was never there to begin with. Im not callin anyone a liar, but their was no third suspect and the theives never left and came back. Or did they?.?.?

  3. act says:

    that family is russian..

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