Don begins the day by announcing he has brand new sound drops in his machine, compliments of Joe Ardinger. The new sounds include a few of Dave’s most personal insights, the preacher in Folsom who’s been bad mouthing Don, and a new jingle to go with the Kiss parody song, an Eagles “Hotel California” parody. Don also tells us that he spoke to his brother Jim last night, who reminded Don that he once cheated at Candy Land to beat a color blind kid. We then get to hear the clip of Jeff Kreiser at Lakeside Church in Folsom, who say’s “Followers of Jesus don’t listen to Don Geronimo.” Don decides to give the church a call, and leaves a friendly voice message for him.

We then hear about the Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, OH, in which the owner freed all the animals, then killed himself, leaving all the animals to roam free in the surrounding neighborhoods. Don also tells us that the Entercom station across the street, that owns ESPN Radio, got their panties in a bunch when they heard that Little Joe was working on getting ESPN’s Adam Schefter on the show, which apparently means they’re listening to us! Loyal listener John (who the guys call Ted Kascynski) dropped off a CB radio yesterday for Don to use on the air, so as soon as Engineer Aaron installs it, and we work our way around the FCC regulations, Don will have his very own CB radio in the studio! The guys also go off on a tangent about arcade video games, Don’s Ms. Pacman game at his house, and how do arcades stay in business these days? We then find out that Don was the Southern California Ms. Pacman champion in 1981.

Don pulls out a list of “hidden menu items” that fast food restaurants serve, but most people don’t know about because they’re not on the menu. Some of these items include the “McGangbang” at McDonalds, the “Blackjack” from In N Out, and KFC’s “Buffet.” Don calls up a few of these places to find out what’s really going on. Don also calls up a few Subways in India to see if it’s true that they indeed have a sandwich with fried cottage cheese. Slow Joe even does his India voice to one of the stores. After hearing Don’s latest “Stealth Tape” in which Don has to retrieve his remotes from his neighbor, comedian and friend of the show Pablo Francisco calls in. Pablo is promoting his shows at the Improv in San Jose from Thursday to Sunday, and tells us how his touring has been since the last time we saw him. He even does an intro for the “Phantom News Hour!”

After hearing a clip from Anderson Cooper’s show, in which his cell phone is tested for fecal matter, it is time for the “Phantom News Hour,” complete with the new Pablo introduction. Among the topics today, the shouting matches at the GOP debate last night, the exotic animals escaping the Muskingum Animal Farm, a study that shows more Americans have more student loan debts than anything else, and a recap of last night’s Dancing With The Stars. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

  1. Count Fistula says:

    I kinda like smelling farts n’ stuff.

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