SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Occupy supporters are on the move again in Sacramento. They went from Cesar Chavez Park to city hall for the second straight week.

“Hopefully everything works out and they understand why we’re here and what our purpose is,” said a protester.

There was no vote tonight. Mayor Johnson is going to the park in the next few days, to consider a resolution that everyone is happy with.

The group is demanding the right to occupy Cesar Chavez Park 24 hours a day.

“These people are patriots, these people are patriots,” said a protester.

Their message to the Sacramento City council is clear!

“Your violating our rights of peaceful assembly, you have police that are closing parks that belong to us,” said a protester.

Even well-known protestor Cindy Sheehan attended tonight’s council meeting only days after her own arrest at Cesar Chavez Park.

“I want to assure you, give you my word for what its worth that occupy Sacramento is neighborhood friendly,” said Sheehan.

As speakers with Occupy Sacramento addressed the council, the crowd showed their support through silent cheers.

“People are sitting in a park, that’s what they are doing they’re sitting in a park discussing public issues. What they’re doing is the solution,” said.

The protesters are pushing the council to allow the occupy movement to stay in Cesar Chavez park 24/7.

“Stop telling us that our constitutional rights end when the park closes don’t tell us to go home and return for our constitutional rights tomorrow morning its not acceptable,” said a protester.

So far, over the last 11 days, there have been 57 arrests. Thirteen people have been arrested more than once.

Comments (3)
  1. mental midgets says:

    Keep it up for another year…this simply makes the Democrats look like lo-lifes…Pelosi,Boxer,Feinstein,Burton and Brown all love this rent-a-mob…where is our mayor?…he must endorse these losers as well…. hello,we are not idiots out here..Cindy Sheehan and her followers are mental midgets…typical liberal Democrats….November 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  2. Bob Lee says:

    If the city allows this they must allow it for all throughout eternity. The laws are there to protect the people of Sacramento, do not cave in to this unlawful mob.

  3. iama99percenter says:

    The question posed by the in studio reporter, was a bit disingenuous. This has been going on for so long, every media person in Sacramento should, by now, know that the city ordinance restricting occupation of the park includes a provision for allowing overnight occupation of the park for special events. There is no mention of time limit for the allowance in the provision, and the City Manager could sign off on it.

    It is apparent to me from this and other “stories” (because they certainly are not reports) told by some of the so-called reporters of this station (Laura Cole’s report was actually the first objective reporting on this issue that this station has produced) that bias exists here.


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