STOCKTON (CBS13) -– One of the people police have called a “person of interest” in the murder of Dalene Carlson has been arrested for the second time and charged with her murder.

Stockton Police arrested 25-year-old Jason Gilley on Thursday morning on a charges murder, kidnapping and false imprisonment in connection with Carlson’s death. Police aren’t saying how Carlson died but two sources told CBS13 that she was shot in the head.

Carlson had been missing for more than two months before her body was found in an Escalon field last weekend.

dalene carlson 2 Person of Interest In Dalene Carlson Murder Case Re ArrestedBack in August, before Carlson’s body was found, Stockton Police arrested Gilley in connection with Carlson’s disappearance after they say he gave “inconsistent” statements.

Police arrested him on charges of kidnapping and holding Dalene against her will, but he was later released for lack of evidence.

At the time, detectives searched Gilley’s home and car, but found no evidence pointing to Dalene’s whereabouts. They seized more items from Gilley’s home Thursday.

Police say Dalene knew Gilley for about a week before she disappeared the night of Aug. 7. They believe the night she went missing, she willingly left Finnegan’s Bar and Grill with Gilley. A short time later, cameras at a nearby Food For Less captured the pair shopping.

Gilley first told police they parted ways at the pub, but he later admitted that the two had gone to his home, had sex, got into an argument and Carlson left on foot.

Gilley told police he followed her in his car, picked her up and drove her 40 miles south, dropping her off at an undisclosed location.

Jacob Evangelisti, who said he was Carlson’s boyfriend at the time, said Carlson called him nine times from Gilley’s residence that night asking if she could come over. Evangelisti said Carlson insisted on walking to his apartment by herself, but she never showed up.

“I just hope he rots and burns in hell,” Evangelisti said Thursday after learning of Gilley’s arrest. “He had a lot of hate towards her I guess.”

But a cousin of Gilley’s, Kelly Dubois, said she believes he’s innocent. “I’ve known him since he was a baby. He couldn’t hurt a fly,” she said.

Police are not expecting to make other arrests in the case.

“Our number one priority is to make sure we put together best case we can,” said Officer Pete Smith.

Comments (30)
  1. Sally says:

    cut his pee pee off and stick it in the disposal

    1. Matt says:

      He deserves worst than that if he is guilty.

    2. Kelly Dubois says:

      GROW UP!!!!

  2. Justin Kennedy says:

    innocent until proven guilty, as bad as it seem, we can not deny him of his rights. however, he said he let her walk home alone in the middle of the night in Stockton! for me, that threw up the red flag that something was very wrong. Be werry of the company you keep!

    1. Matt says:

      Innocent until proven quilty only applies to a court of law. In the court of public opinion there is no such rule. Of course in this case we haven’t seen the evidence yet…at least not much, but I would bet it is there. Just have to wait and see.

  3. E says:

    Dalene paid for her high risk behavior with her life. There’s a lesson to be learned here.

  4. Matt says:

    E, going somewhere with someone she considered a friend (or at least an acquaintance) would hardly be considered high risk. You sound like a VERY JUDGEMENTAL person. Or are you just a troll?

    1. E says:

      Leaving a bar with a stranger to go to his house and have sex is high risk behavior, like it or not.

      1. sharpone says:

        Everyone’s a stranger. People who like people are the luckiest (high risk) people in the world.

      2. SofiasMami says:

        If this man did it, he also left a bar with a stranger. A woman who is out alone deserves death? What are you, the Taliban?

      3. peeps of sandpoint, we love you dalene says:

        Police say Dalene knew Gilley for about a week before she disappeared. cant you read the article? damn you need to stop comming up with stuff to make yourself feel better. for the peeps who knew her they know this is 100% wack why don you go walk your dog and let the world judge you, thats how simple this situation is. a girl has a good time hangen with people she thinks is cool, thjings arent going the way they seem and she wanted to leave in the middle of the night alone, that says it all she didnt want to be near him because there was probly differences. you can know some one 1 week to 10 years and you truely never see them for there real colors, why dont you talk about something you know rather then making yourself feel better over other peoples loss….

      4. Eric says:

        Police also say she did have sex with him so…

      5. Matt says:

        Too bad what you state happened is not factual. He wasn’t a stranger and who says she willingly had sex?…the accused. I don’t think I will believe him.

      6. Matt says:

        Eric, the police did not say she had sex with him.

      7. Ashley says:

        You REALLY need all the facts before you show the world how ignorant you are..

  5. amber says:

    I think “e” is just a prude who doesnt get laid and obviously she knew him a week ahead of time and she wanted to leave his house alone because he probly wanted sex and she didnt wanna hook up and was just trying to party and hang. For the people who actually knew her know here behavior and she isent a girl that is all that high risk, shes someone who live like any one else and obviously she wanted out of the situation. you drive a car thats a super high risk, you take your dog for a pee at 10:00 thats a high risk life in general is a risk that we live by everyday and getting murdered isent something anyone ask for, so before you speak you should remember the facts of life… damn you really must have a thing for a liar! jason innocent or not should have to pay for lying and continuously mis guiding! keep over yourself because we all are greiving over a TRUE SADLY INNOCENT LOSS! back off and let us have our way your not the one whoes family is being haunted by this….

    1. Eric says:

      I really can’t make heads or tails out of what you typed. Can you try again?

      1. ... says:

        who cares if she hooked up or what not stop getting off on sick sh!t and get over yourself

      2. Eric says:

        It’s a pertinent fact of the case. When it comes up in Gilley’s trial, be sure to tell the prosecutor to ” stop getting off on sick sh!t and get over yourself”, ok?

      3. ... says:

        really dude why dont you go to court and represent the people who has a sex and go murder someone… thats what your saying ya its a fact they hooked up and how does that apply twords her getting murdered? it mentions they were fighting arguring and etc in the car apperently the sex must not have been worth it cause she paid for it later. damn why dont you just go hold a sign in front of the media saying if you have sex you shoukd get murdered. listen to your self…. Your still getting off on this that makes me wonder if your involved sickoooo

  6. still kicking says:

    Why don’t we wait and see exactly what the evidence is that points to the person who was arrested. As far as condemning the behavior of the victim it does sound cruel; however, the reality is that in a very imperfect world. Women who hang out late at bars and go home with relatively new male acquaintances should not be surprised when sex is expected. It always surprises me when I hear some woman claiming that she had no idea that the man was with her just for her brilliant conversation.

    Please spare me the feminist rhetoric. I’m just stating the way it is. Human behavior, both good and bad, is part of our genetic makeup and goes back a LONG time. Our own personal viewpoints, our own feelings about how things should be, mean absolutely nothing compared to the often tragic paths that life takes. We can all work towards a better future but ignoring the past is always a mistake.

    1. E says:

      Well said, still kicking. Did Dalene deserve to get murdered? No. Could some prudence on her part have prevented this tragedy? Absolutely. The fact that her friends can’t see that says a lot about the company she kept.

      1. SofiasMami says:

        Now you’re not only anonymously ripping a dead woman who’s not here to defend herself but also her friends? What are you, pals with the suspect?Please. Go away and stop siding with criminals.

      2. E says:

        Pointing out how to protect oneself from criminals/murderers is the exact opposite of siding with them.

      3. Matt says:

        E, you’re obviously a moron. You make too many assumptions. Many of us just read your ignorant comments and realize what a moron you are. We are not her friends…just nor humans who aren’t as judgemental as you (and without facts at that).

    2. Kelly Dubois says:

      You know people really should think about what they say for everyone to read would they want to read this garbage about their relative if the sittuation was reversed “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO YOU” , IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!! GROW UP PEOPLE AND ACT LIKE ADULTS. THE FAMILIES HAVE FEELINGS TO.

  7. michelle says:

    as a women i will admit when i was dalene’s age i might of put myself in the same situation, hell i’m sure i did. But i was lucky cause i’m still here! Ladies if u want to party after hours take another girlfriend with u or go with a crowd never ever take another risk Dalene was a victim of a wolf in sheep clothing GOD BLESS DALENE

  8. john doe says:

    What is Jason’s real name it is not Gilley

  9. Ashley says:

    EVERYONE is haunted by this entire situation, Jasons family and Dalenes family, Jasons friends and Dalenes friends…SO MANY people have been touched by this horrible situation and I personally CANNOT believe any of this happened… I pray for peace for Dalenes family, and I pray we catch the creep who did it, WHOEVER that may be……

    1. rockerGirl says:

      very well written 🙂 Ashley.

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