1 Killed, 2 Hurt In Stockton Shooting

STOCKTON (CBS13) — At least one man was killed and another two people wounded in a shooting near a Stockton intersection Friday night, authorities said.

The Stockton Police Department said an unknown gunman opened fire at about 8:30 p.m. Friday near the intersection of East Oak Street and North American Street, leaving two men and a woman injured from gunfire.

One of the men was able to run to the parking lot of Pittman Elementary School before he collapsed and later died from his wounds. The other two victims were rushed to the hospital and are expected to survive.

No suspect descriptions are available and police expect the nearby roadways to be shut down for the investigation through the night.

The identities of the victims have not been released.

  • WisenCynical

    Stocktom Stockton Stockton! Send in the National Guard!

  • w stockton

    poor guy probably couldn’t breathe so he ran gasping for air as he died it’s a shame

  • Mike Carpino

    everyday a shooting in Stockton and what really upsets me are those four words’ RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL where medicaid and the taxpayers patch them up so they can do it all over again.

    • Brian

      So if someone gets shot they should just lay there and die instead of trying to get help? Glad your such a decent human being. If you don’t like it stop paying taxes. Crying about it on a news website isn’t going to do much.

  • termite

    The only good thing that happened here is that it wasn’t in my neighborhood . The bad thing is that the wounded will receive money for being shot ,free medical care .It was in the hood where the hoods live , so stay in your hood you no good .

  • Neosoul

    I would like to say to everyone who is commenting about the shooting : I hope people bestow the same kind of empathy and concern for you when a family member of yours DIES!! I hope people slander your family’s name and talk ill of you and the dead too!!! Whatever the reason that things happened the way they did, that was someone’s child, nephew, grandson, cousin, friend! Nio matter how insignificant this headline was to you all, these people are loved ones to others.

    How is it that people in this country are perfectly fine with giving all they can to third world countries instead of helping the third world nation in our own backyard. You shouldn’t talk about people that way the only difference between you and them is what family you happen to get born into. Your not special because you are White or whatever else race you Happen To Be.
    I bet you won’t talk that racist mess in front of black people! Continue to be the punks that you are and hide behind your monitor where you won’t get your a** beat!

    It’s sad that I came on here to read about a friend of the family and have to see people who are without blame and live in pleasantville. What I really want to do is curse you out, but I’m saddened and now see the reason for this country’s economic crisis..people like you-you are cursing the nation so do us alll a favor and go makeout with a firearm..oops don’t forget to pull the trigger!!

    Good luck!! Can’t wait to read about you all on here, dead for whatever reason, I got some jokes I want to try out.

    • Hope Broussard

      Thank you Neosoul…that murdered man is my nephew. God Rest His Soul.

  • Common Sense

    was it really a good idea for the Stockton PD to put up billboards letting the criminals know that law enforcement wasn’t going to be around?

    • Steve

      I think it is just fair warning….actually it was a very good idea to let people know that crime is about to explode. That way you can move before it gets worse.

  • oldfart

    It seems like a cowardly act to shoot someone. Most likely the shooter was on drugs or alcohol. Oldfart hates to see people throwing their life away if your on drugs or alcohol you need to quit. Seek help go to meetings. Most of the people in jail were either drunk or high when they commited their crime give life a chance.

  • micaela

    omg that is tragic i seen a dude in the hospital and he was that man ur talkin about

  • Imblackandonparole

    It’s just typical Nig.ro play….

  • rmcsticks

    stockton the next Oakland….. Stockton is such a POS town, people cant even sell there homes to get out….

  • The Lion of Judah

    Judgement against others is pretty powerful. Unless you apologize and do something to atone for what you’ve done, some of you will live to regret the expressions of your perverse minds.

  • http://yahoo NEW MIND

    R MIND SET IS TOO SMALL .GOD SAYS WE HAVE TO RENEW OR MIND WITHOUT VISION WE DIE. Thats what the devil is tryin take the mind . We caught up into what?? is it worth try readin proverbs thee CHOICE IS URS

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