With news of the NBA Lockout talks breaking off, that was the big topic today on the Grant Napear Show. Initially Grant took calls about the Raiders and their recent deal for Carson Palmer. Once the NBA Lockout news broke, Grant took calls on the lockout and what was going on in the talks between owners and players. Grant’s guests today were Bryan Burwell, Chris Landry, Ian Eagle, and Darren Rovell.

Bryan Burwell was on with Grant today to talk about his book, “Madden: A Biography.” Bryan talked about the process of writing the book, and what John Madden is really like. He also talked about some of the reasons Madden was so great. Lastly, Bryan told some stories he had from being around John Madden.

Chris Landry from Fox Sports came on with Grant today to talk some NFL football. They started off by talking about the Raiders trade for Carson Palmer. Then they talked about the struggling New York Jets, and Rex Ryan’s comments about Norv Turner. Finally, Chris talked about the upcoming week in the NFL and gave his biggest surprises of the year in the NFL.

Ian Eagle from CBS Sports was on with Grant today to talk about the NFL. Ian gave his thoughts on Carson Palmer being traded to Oakland and why it benefits the NFL. He also talked about college football, and the Air Force vs Navy game and what the experience is like covering a game between service academies. Finally he discussed being on the West Coast for back-to-back weeks covering the Raiders this week, and then the 49ers next week.

Darren Rovell joined Grant today to discuss the recent news regarding the NBA Labor disagreement. Darren explained BRI, and what the difference means between 53% and 50% for the players and owners. Along with that, he explained how the numbers broke down money-wise. He also talked about what teams are being hurt the most by the lockout. Then Darren talked about the World Series and the demographic of the fans watching it on TV, and why it is bad for the MLB. Finally, he discussed what his show, “CNBC Sports Biz,” will be about tomorrow night at 4pm PST on Versus.


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