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GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — A Saturday morning breakfast took an unusual turn when four bears showed up on the property of a Granite Bay family.

Holger Fuerst said he and his wife Corinne were having breakfast when they heard their dogs barking excitedly, and when Corinne went to see what sparked the reaction, she spotted a mother brown bear and her three cubs just outside the gates around their home near Miners Ravine.

“She goes, ‘Grab your camera, there’s bears!’” Holger said. “It was really neat.”

The bears stayed in the area for almost an hour, the three cubs taking turns climbing a tree while the mother looked on.

“When we moved here a year and a half ago the people who lived here for 30 years said you won’t see any bears, mountain lions… here we are,” Holger said. “We’ve seen deer, skunks, seen turkey of course.”

The bears eventually moved on, leaving only a few tracks and some droppings. With the start of salmon season, Holger said he believes the bears were just fishing for food and hopes they move on into less populated areas.

“You start wondering how safe it is for the bears,” he said. “Once they get into a confrontation with people, some warden is going to have to do something about it.”

Neighbors in the area have reported similar sightings in recent days.

Comments (6)
  1. Bonnie E. Brown says:

    They are black bears, not brown bears.

    1. SeaCay says:

      Amazing isn’t it? I’ve heard you used to have to know stuff to be a reporter. Things like if that was a brown bear with cubs, the photos would be blurry shots of teeth and claws. lol

  2. Dwight says:

    False, that’s a polo bear. lmao

  3. sharpone says:

    A Saturday morning breakfast took an unusual turn when a Granite Bay family showed up on the property four bears.

  4. SPARKY525 says:


  5. MoreNativeThanYou says:

    Urban areas are the only place the bears are safe right now. Hunters are slaughtering them all over California 373 bears dead to date since August 20. Hope this momma bear stays safe, these cubs need her.

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