ELK GROVE (CBS13) — An 18-month-old baby h girl as been seriously injured after a car driven by the baby’s uncle backed into the child Monday afternoon, according to Elk Grove police.

The accident occurred in the 9200 block of Rushing Creek Way at about 1 p.m. The child’s uncle was backing out of the driveway in a white BMW sedan and didn’t realize the the toddler was playing in the driveway.

“He was visibly shaken,” Elk Grove police Officer Chris Trimm said of the girl’s uncle. “It’s certainly not anything any parent should have to go through.”

Trimm added that police were asking the uncle if he was distracted or simply didn’t see the child.

The girl was conscious when taken to an area hospital, police said, but suffered major trauma after being hit and dragged a few feet.

The girl’s mother accompanied her to the hospital.

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  1. Nori says:

    All drivers should walk around their vehicle before getting into it to ensure this kind of accident doesn’t occur.

    1. leo says:

      how many drivers do that? walking around a car before you get in and drive? wow…you want us all to do that? sorry, but that is kind of idiotic and impractical…i bet you do not even walk around your car before you get in…

      1. B says:

        Seriously? You don’t glance around your car before driving? What if a bike was laying in the drive behind you, or an animal? Those are far more likely than a human and still not something you want to drive over. Must be interesting to blindly bounce around your environment without ever noticing anything going on around you. Tell me, do you often eat rotten food and wear mismatched clothing?

        Prayers to this family and little girl!

      2. leo says:

        B, when you get to your car, you can clearly see a bike or an animal…but tell me this, how many people walk around their car before driving off? cmmon, start counting…out of the people of the world…how many? seriously? yep, i eaten rotten food called cheese and wear mismatched clothing like a lot of people do…you must be special…like a few idiots in the world…i guess…

  2. gina says:

    this is probably caused by the rush, rush, rush attitude most people are locked into today in society..
    Maybe Uncle can sell his Beemer and help pay for the hospital bills now

  3. mykids says:

    I agree.I do the same thing.Although my 2 year old would never be playing out front or out back without supervision.Parents do make mistakes.I really hope this baby will be ok.Prayers out to this family!

  4. Mace says:

    Carelessness on the mother and uncle’s part!!! This happened earlier this year. It is totally uncalled for, totally avoidable! No one and half year old should be unattended at any time. Both adults should be charged with murder.

    1. Lee Jet says:

      maybe someone is watching and had just turn head for a sac and boom so if it was you then maybe they should charged with murder cuz we don’t know the whole story to this so just don’t assume that’s what happen cuz i know if this had happen to me i’ll be going nutts really hope she is doing ok

  5. leo says:

    How unfortunate! But shouldnt the parents also be blamed for this? Imagine letting a year and a half toddler playing on the driveway…with no supervision? Just wondering, coz if there was somebody who was lookinga after the baby, the outcome would have been different….hmmm…just wondering…Anway, what’s done is done, the important thing is she is alive, though with injuries…hoping she’ll be ok soon…

  6. asdf says:

    Parents should not let kid(s) pay outside the drive way, side walk, only back yard w/ supervision. It is totally danger even with adult supervision to have kids play around the street with car driving in and out of the street, even in quiet street.

    I hope she could recover this is definitely so sad to see. I know how

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