Woman Shoots Pit Bull After It Bites Girl

LINDA (CBS13) — A pit bull that broke through a fence and into a backyard filled with kids in Yuba County was shot by a woman after the dog bit a little girl, according to the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

Four children were in the backyard playing on Monday when a neighbor’s pit bull broke through the fence and bit 5-year-old girl’s hand and face.

The incident occurred at a home in 1900 block of Pyramid Creek Drive about 2:15 p.m. in the Linda subdivision of Edgewater.

“My son Noah comes in the house and says, ‘Mommy, mommy! The dog in the back yard broke through the fence.’ And I’m like, ‘what?'” DeAnna Borjesson said.

DeAnna grabbed her gun.

“And that’s when I took a shot at the dog,” she said. “I fired at it. It just stood there and looked at me like ‘is that all you got?'”

The pit bull stood there for a minute, blood dripping from his face, and then walked off.

“They think it went in its nose or its mouth because I’m a pretty good shot,” DeAnna said.

The 5-year-old suffered a bite near her eye and on her hand. She was hurt but mostly scared.

The pit bull burrowed under and through the fence, creating new gaping hole, creating another surprise — pot plants visible on the neighbor’s property.

“You don’t say?” said DeAnna.

DeAnna just hopes the little girl, a friend’s daughter, can recover from the ordeal.

“This little girl is sitting in the hospital, waiting for a stitch and she will probably never be the same because of this incident,” she said. “And I’m just heartbroke over that.”


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