LINDA (CBS13) — A pit bull that broke through a fence and into a backyard filled with kids in Yuba County was shot by a woman after the dog bit a little girl, according to the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

Four children were in the backyard playing on Monday when a neighbor’s pit bull broke through the fence and bit 5-year-old girl’s hand and face.

The incident occurred at a home in 1900 block of Pyramid Creek Drive about 2:15 p.m. in the Linda subdivision of Edgewater.

“My son Noah comes in the house and says, ‘Mommy, mommy! The dog in the back yard broke through the fence.’ And I’m like, ‘what?'” DeAnna Borjesson said.

DeAnna grabbed her gun.

“And that’s when I took a shot at the dog,” she said. “I fired at it. It just stood there and looked at me like ‘is that all you got?'”

The pit bull stood there for a minute, blood dripping from his face, and then walked off.

“They think it went in its nose or its mouth because I’m a pretty good shot,” DeAnna said.

The 5-year-old suffered a bite near her eye and on her hand. She was hurt but mostly scared.

The pit bull burrowed under and through the fence, creating new gaping hole, creating another surprise — pot plants visible on the neighbor’s property.

“You don’t say?” said DeAnna.

DeAnna just hopes the little girl, a friend’s daughter, can recover from the ordeal.

“This little girl is sitting in the hospital, waiting for a stitch and she will probably never be the same because of this incident,” she said. “And I’m just heartbroke over that.”

Comments (16)
  1. jed says:

    Kaboooooom! good for her! hope her daughter if okay!

  2. Brandie says:

    Good for her, I’d do the same thing if any dog attacked my kid.

  3. luanne says:

    Me too; and I have a Pit Bull pup. My daughter and I live on the same property; we have already agreed that if the pup ever bites one of my grandkids, he goes to the pound to be put down. Dogs should be trained to never bite children for any reason.

    1. fxspy says:

      Just get your kids a tiger, its probably safer. I cant believe you would wait UNTIL the dog potentially kills one of your grandkids. WOW…i feel the risk you are putting your babies in is shameful.

      No body EVER feels bad about what they do until the consequnce come to pay them a visit. Save yourself some pain later and just get them a friggin lab.

  4. bubba says:

    What the heck ….. now shotgun toting pit bulls?!?!

  5. blah says:

    I’ll shoot the dam dogs too, if it bit my kids too…

  6. Ryan says:

    Can you belive the owner is complaining about her D**m pit being shot let the pit get her kids and then lets see what she has to say.Oh of course she probably wont care she will have more concern for her dog then her own kids.Wake up lady you are so stupid for having a devil dog.

  7. Lady7247 says:

    I would just like to address this: When is it ok to shoot a gun in a residential area?? if the mother had already gotten the children in the house and to safety why was it a must to go back outside and shoot the dog?? Why werent the police called or even the dog pound? Had it crossed anyones mind that this woman could have missed the dog and shoot threw a fence and killed a kid? Or if the dog was so violent that it might have been necessary for it to have been killed why did the woman even think it to be safe that she even go back outside? If the dog had been truely agressive and attacked her she could definitely have misfired. Not ONLY that but when is it considered GOOD parenting to go outside of your home into your backyard INFRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN and shoot someones pet in the face?!!! To all the dog owners and lovers that consider your animals family wouldnt you have rathered that this woman called the police or even walked around the front of the homes and knocked on your door and told you verbal that your dog just attack their child??!! I dont think this has anything to do with the dog owners honestly. Who really checks on their animals every 5 minutes to make sure they are still in their yards? I think this has everything to do with the reaction of the woman that fired the shot.

    1. Daugpack says:

      Here’s why I think she did the right thing: When two extra-large pit bulls showed up in my yard and only moved towards me when I shouted at them to “go home”, I called the sheriff’s animal control department. FORTY MINUTES LATER, they arrived and of course the dogs were gone. The animal control officer went to the house where I believed they lived, and the dogs charged at her truck. She wouldn’t even get out. She told me to feel free to shoot them next time they came on my property and threatened me, my kid, my dogs or my livestock. This woman wasn’t just threatened, her (friend’s) child was attacked. What more reason do you need?

    2. Joe says:

      Are you kidding!? This was her property. You can do whatever you want on your own property. I walk around with a concealed weapon (with no permit) when I am in my home.

  8. lady7247 says:

    Ok you were given PERMISSION because you were obviously being attacked. This child was scratched and had ONE stitch. Her children and her friends children were safe when she got them in the house and she still felt the need to go back outside and shoot the dog? Really??! What if you were her neighbor and she went back outside trying to be tough mommy and got attack and in the process she misfired and shot your child threw the fence. No one is even looking at the big picture here!! A gun should not be shot infront of children in her backyard. Am i right? If a bear was in her yard and she got her children to safety im sure she wouldnt have walked back outside stood infront of the bear aimed and fired. Which is obviously what happened if she shot the dog clearly directly in the face and the dog looked at her and walked away. Seems like a pretty “brutal” dog to just walk away after being shot.. Think about it.

    1. 209chick says:

      YOU think about it moron. The dog could have killed those children. They are viscious animals. All should be destroyed. People who own then generally have serious problems or are protecting their drug crops!

      1. mom says:

        To say something like that shows that you don’t know the first thing about pit bulls. ALL dogs have the potential to be viscious, from a tiny chihuahua to a big great dane. Dog are pets and they reflect their owners. Saying every pit bull is viscious is the same as saying that every labrador likes to swim (also not true).

  9. Tapestry says:

    This is a news story its all hearsay
    None of us witnessed the event so none of us can sit here
    and say much of anything, except I am sure the
    woman was scared and so were the kids when a neighbors
    dog obvious was out to get to children playing in their own yard.
    otherwise… its called being prejudice

  10. Brian says:

    A friend’s son died from the infections caused by his family’s pit bull attack….
    guess how it happened?
    Family gathering, everyone sitting around in lawn chairs… little boy gets up to give Grandma a goodbye hug, dog bit him on leg. rushed to hospital and stabilized, then rushed to a university hospital with better care facilities, PECU for several months, blood turned toxic, they did all they could.

    I know you’ll be out there saying the boy moved to quickly, or the dog was protecting Grandma….. none of that matters now

    first time the dog ever bit anyone? yes
    would the boy be alive if the family didn’t have a pit bull? yes
    can any dog do the same thing? yes
    could it have been prevented? yes
    Would I shoot a pit bull or other aggressive dog? DAMN RIGHT I WOULD and HAVE (on my property, terrorizing my kids)
    Would I do it again? YES!!!

  11. Stacy says:

    I can’t believe I’m reading my third “pit bull attacks” story in five minutes. I can’t stand these dogs!!! Good for her!

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