By Frank Luna

Heard an interesting discussion point on ESPN’s PTI program today. They asked,and I’m paraphrasing, Who is more likely to play for a championship this year, the 49ers or Andrew Luck? The answer may not be that simple. While the Niners have to catch lightning in a bottle to knock off both New Orleans and Green Bay on the road to Indianapolis, at least they have a chance to prove it on the field. On the other hand, Stanford could play lights out the rest of the year, win the Pac-12 championship, remain undefeated and still not have the chance to play for a championship. Why? Because while the Niners would have to knock heads with far superior teams, Andrew Luck has to beat a computer, the BCS computer, to reach a championship game. That is a sorry commentary on the state of college football today. The Niners may not be mistaken for the best team in the NFL but at the very least they have a path to the championship as the season progresses. Andrew Luck on the other hand has no chance to play in a championship if the computer doesn’t let him.


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