Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Janet’s brother Tom is returning home after his visit, and Don tells us about the random conversations he has with him that he’s going to miss. Janet also stopped by before the show to drop off donuts for the guys! We then hear that the show is close to being broadcast San Diego, which will make it the third city to broadcast the show! The McRib has returned to McDonalds, and Don wonders why people are so fascinated with it. Dave tells us he absolutely loves it, but Don can’t stand it. Don also reads off a list of the Halloween candy he hated the most as a kid, and the guys get into a discussion of which candies sicken them the most. The guys then talk about numerous stories in the news, specifically, Tim Tebow kissing his teammate after Sunday’s game, Lindsay Lohan to appear in Playboy, and was Gadhafi sodomized before he was executed? Don also plays clips of comedian Darrell Hammond’s CNN interview, in which he talks about cutting himself purposely and being taken away in a strait jacket from 30 Rock during his days on Saturday Night Live.

The guys then talk fantasy football, and Dave accuses Don of mentioning the standings only because he’s in second place, even though the guys talk about it every Tuesday. The guys also discuss their picks for the games over the weekend, and once again, Craig had the most wins. He’s now in first place by 6 games. It is then time to play “Wheel of Jay,” in which Don tells different jokes in the voice of Jay Leno. Among the categories: “Saucy Jay,” “Obseervational Jay,” and “Knock Knock Jay.” We then get a visit from legendary comedian Bill Cosby, who is performing at the Sacramento Community Center Theater on October 29th. Mr. Cosby talks about how hard it is to raise kids in this day and age, and what needs to be done in education and parenting to make sure that children grow up the right way. He also does an intro for the “Phantom News Hour!”

After the great Bill Cosby, the guys go back into the news of the day, including a woman who got caught stealing 26 boxes of condoms, a Kenya couple that cheats on each other, only to run in to each other at the same hotel, and a list of celebrity bodies that women want the most, according to Fitness Magazine. It is then time for another edition of the “Match Game.” Today, Don takes actual questions that were aired on the original Match Game TV series, and replaces the names with members of the show.

After discussing the new Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill, and hearing Eddie Murphy’s impersonation of Cosby from Raw, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today among the stories, Gadhafi was buried today, Lindsay Lohan in Playboy, and Darrell Hammond’s CNN interview. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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