Game 6 of the World Series was cancelled due to nonexistent “inclement weather”, there was zero news on the NBA labor front, and a local politician spent campaign money to fund a slanted poll to “prove” that her voters don’t want top build a new arena – all of which were hot topics of conversation during a full four-hour Wednesday show.

In the first hour, MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger weighed in on the World Series, saying that Mike Napoli’s performance in the playoffs for Texas has gotten some people fired in the Angels’ front office for letting him go.  Amsinger still likes the Cardinals to win the Fall Classic, despite the Rangers’ advantage in World Series experience.  Greg also offered his take on the Theo Epstein leaving the Red Sox and what his obstacles are to building a competitive franchise in Chicago.

Later, Football analyst Chris Landry and Grant took their weekly trip around the world of NFL and NCAA Football. Chris and Grant lamented what looks to be a below average weekend for marquee matchups in the NFL.

The five o’clock hour began with Grant’s Rant on the unsubstantiated rumors that have been swirling around the NBA Lockout meetings.

In the middle of the hour, the Raiders’ new quarterback Carson Palmer looked ahead to the bye week and addressed some of the concerns that come along with getting back to speed after not seeing any game action since last season.  Palmer talked about the hit to his knee on his first play in the game, his thoughts on the Raiders’ offensive weapons, and whether he really considered that he may never play football again when feuding with the Bengals.

In the final segment of the show, Jeremy Roenick of Versus Network used his experience as an NHL player to provide an interesting perspective on the NBA Lockout. Roenick and Grant then discussed the Winter Classic and the state of the NHL here in the early stages of the season.


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