SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A 7-year-old boy was struck and killed by a BMW sedan in the Arden-Arcade area Thursday afternoon, authorities said.

The California Highway Patrol said the boy and a friend ran across Howe Avenue near Burney Way while walking home from school just after 1:20 p.m.

The friend made it across safely, but the other boy, identified as Tayvon Webb, hesitated and was hit by the BMW traveling at about 40 miles per hour, CHP spokesperson Lizz Dutton said.

The boys were not using a cross walk but rather tried to cross from Bellview Park after leaving Howe Avenue Elementary.

Webb was transported to UC Davis Medical Center with severe head trauma but died as a result of his injuries. The driver stopped after the accident and was cooperative, authorities said. A witness said the driver didn’t appear to see the boys.

“I see him go to school every day. It just hurts my heart,” said nearby resident Tiffany Roland.

The CHP says they are still investigating the case and have not yet filed charges against the driver.

Comments (43)
  1. E says:

    Why was a 4 year old out running across the street??? RIP

  2. Lew Ninwosix says:

    Why did the driver get detained? Some lazy investigative reporting

  3. bzbee90000 says:

    Where is the adult that is supposed to be in charge of the 4 year old? That person should be arrested for criminal negligence. NO child should be allowed to run free on or near Howe Avenue!!!

    1. Eric says:

      Agreed. 4 year olds running on other streets? Fine. Howe? No way.

  4. snelsonkovr says:

    It’s developing news. CHP initially reported 4. Correct age of the boy is 7 and the driver stopped after the accident.

  5. JMHO55 says:

    A 7-year-old is too young to be allowed to walk near busy streets. Children will be children and they don’t adhere to common sense safety measures such as using the cross walk. It’s too bad the child didn’t have a ride, an adult to walk with, or bus privileges. Perhaps the boy’s parent(s) work and can’t be around to make sure he gets home safely, but something else should have been in place.

  6. rosiepup says:

    Why dose the school district let out EARLY every Thrusday what working parent has a easy time with that…. Thanks school dist.

    1. E says:

      Quit using school as your daycare. Take responsibility for your own damn offspring.

      1. Gene Rossi says:

        That’s a pretty Harsh reply, you don’t call kids damned. . . .pretty cold hearted “E”

      2. Marc Sac says:

        I call kids damned all the time Gene, I say “you damn kids stay out of the street or you will be hit by a car.” They get out of the street faster that way. Keep your kindness parenting, I prefer the old fashion way.

      3. Pam Weber says:

        you are a jerk

      4. E says:

        I didn’t call the kid damned, Gene.

    2. leoiib says:

      oh, so you blame the school for irresponsibility? yep, im afraid for your kid for them may be next…your kind of parenting is the reason why this kid is dead…you get free education and you want them to babysit them too?

  7. blah says:

    working parents, that doesn’t meant just left their kids unattended, use those working hard money to pay for baby sitter…now it’s too late….don’t blame the driver, blame the parents..

  8. Korbe Carney says:

    I agree that no child that young should be unattended on a busy street like Howe ave. I am so sorry he paid with his life. With that said, for the past 26 years I live one street over from where he was hit. Cars FLY down Howe ave between El Camino and Marconi, we need a stop sign to slow these vehicles down. After you cross El Camino Howe ave becomes a neighborhood with many children walking home from Howe ave school. There are no sidewalks for them and barely room between the white stripe and the road!!! We average at least two accidents a month just in that stretch. People are pulling into their streets while most drivers are speeding and not paying attention to the stopped vehicles. Something needs to be done before a tragedy like this happens again!!!

  9. Ty says:

    What a sad story… you dont let 7 year olds cross crazy streets like Howe by themselves….it is just too young of an age to cross the street without parents…They are too small to be seen, and they think because they see other kids jay walk that they can… but Jay walking on such a busy Ave is not smart no matter the age.. Tragic

  10. Gina says:

    Where were the irresposible parents?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  11. leoiib says:

    Wow, 1st a toddler of less than 2 years in Elk Grove left by parents to play in their driveway WITH NO PARENT around…result? Ran over by a car (her uncle backing up) and now in critical condition…

    Now, a 7 y/o running around on a busy street WITH NO PARENT around…result? Ran over by a car and now dead…



  12. Selmers says:

    Sh!t happens. Quit trying to find someone to blame!

    1. Tray Harding says:

      woww really heart less people did u watch this happen? im guess no who cares whos to blame dammit my son seen this and what thats his fault no its life but reguardless that was a life a child have a heart

    2. leoiib says:

      yep, it happens…like you happened…

  13. amber says:

    This is just awful. I am so sorry to hear this.

  14. Abell Harry says:

    R I P… you fools on this page need to stop this is a tragic accident and no one is to blame.. i know kids that attend the school there is a lot of work that needs to be done to keep the children safe!!!! i see kids run across El Camino on daily bases… this is so sad!!!1

  15. parent says:

    Aren’t schools obligated to provide safe routes to/from school for their students? Doesn’t seem that a busy street with no sidewalks is a safe route.

  16. Mace says:

    This is terrible news reporting, obviously this woman was either applying make up, speeding, or texting, apparently she’s not watching the road. There is absolutely no reason to kill a child. KARMA will come to her, if she has kids, and this happens to her child, she’ll know why. I hope the little boys parents sue her, hopefully she doesn’t have the general LOL! It is some wicked people out here…

    1. Tina says:

      Mace – what is this terrible news reporting? You expect the reporter to make up facts about the driver, just to satisfy your theories?

      1. Mace says:

        Ur an idiot…for being mean maybe ur kid will get hit and killed, I bet u wouldn’t like it…What moron!

  17. hyegt says:

    its not the drivers fault it more of the little kids fault because if he crossed wen the other boy crossed he wud have ben fine but nah he had to stay and play with his back pack for a wile so there for R.I.P

  18. Pam Weber says:

    I am appalled at all the comments on here, My heart goes out to his parents. You want to blame someone, blame the damn government, they are the reason there is no longer bus service from San Juan Unified School District, I grew up in this neighborhood, and when I was in school the bus took us back and forth, they just keep on cutting the schools budget and see what happens. God bless his little soul and give his parents strength to handle this, you will never know what his parents are going thru unless you have lost a child.

  19. Michelle says:

    I’m disgusted by the callous and immature comments left by adults that obviously hold themselves to a higher standard. These comments are incredibly insensitive and you should be ashamed of yourself!!

    Blame the boy… blame the parents… blame the driver…. this is a SAD SORRY and some of these comments are rude…. scratch one crack baby… are you kidding… nowhere in the news report was there a mention that he or his parents were on any type of drug nor did it mention that either parents were EBT recipients…

    I drive on this street at least 3 times a week; people just need to pay attention to what’s going on. There is a school up the street, a park directly in front of where the little boy was struck and killed. In any surrounding the “responsible” driver needs to just be aware of their surroundings.

    A 7 year old has lost his life.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of 7 year old Tayvon Webb.

    1. E says:

      Nowhere did the article say that the driver was irresponsible or not paying attention to her surroundings either. Goes both ways, Michelle. You are making as many heinous assumptions as other commenters. Don’t you think the driver feels bad enough? She is a victim here too.

      1. Michelle says:

        Not attempting to shift blame to either party… I watched the news report, and the driver looks like she is incredibly sorry, and I have no doubt she will remember this day for the rest of her life. Both parties are victims of a horrible accident.

      2. E says:

        Glad you realize that, Michelle.

      3. Kathy says:

        Other stories reported that the driver drug the little boy 100 feet before she stopped. What was she doing that she didn’t know to stop immediately? How fast was she ACTUALLY going? This is a sad story…period.

  20. Linda says:

    People do drive too fast!! When you see people/kids walking then you especially need to be on the alert!! Poor little boy, I would be in the funny farm if that were my child!

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