Midtown Sac Church Tagged With Vulgarities, Satanic Symbols

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Bold vandals spray-painted hateful messages on a midtown church in broad daylight Friday, according to church leaders.

Pastor Robert Briggs said he found the vulgar messages Friday on the Immanuel Baptist Church, and although he’s seen vandalism before on the property, he’s never seen something this bad in his eight years as head pastor.

“I would say it’s very troublesome that someone has taken the time to write what they’ve written,” Briggs said.

Along with messages like “Kill God” and a phrase with the f-word, the vandals also spray-painted a pentagram and upside-down cross, both of which are Satanic symbols.

The Sacramento Police Department is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. No description of any potential suspects is available.

Briggs said he plans to have the graffiti painted over before services on Sunday.

  • jackolantern

    Just brats being brats.

    • gina

      a brat is one thing. . .a degenerate is another

  • gina

    Kids or not these hooligans need to be caught so they don’t become any more of a detriment to society…

  • gina

    I like to know what’s going on. . . .and knowing what the hoodlums are up to is a part of it. . .

    • gina

      good job 13

  • This is a Major Hate Crime - The Worst

    Excuse me??? “The Sacramento Police Department is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.” ??? Possible Hate Crime???

    The person or people responsible for this, need to be caught and dealt with.

    I don’t care if they are 10 years old or 110 years old, they need to be dealt with harshly. No Mercy what-so-ever. And if it is a child or children, then you go after the parents as well.

    I will personally be following this story. I might even start my own investigation into this. I guess you might say that we are now on a Witch Hunt. And, perfect timing too, with Halloween and all…

    This is not some innocent prank here. This is a major crime, a major hate crime, and that involves some serious prison time.

    But, I am sure that if those responsible came forward and confessed, then there would be no prison time, but another type of punnishment instead. But, if we have to find you, then it is all over. Prison time awaits you.

    So, I do urge you to come forward. I know you won’t, but thought I would try first… Give you the option.

    I will start my own investigation on Monday, that is, if you have not given yourself up, during the weekend.

    I’ll be praying for you.

    • I'll be prayingfornomercyforyouwhatsoever

      Good it will get you out of here you have worse posts and insults on this site than anyone forget about the brats being brats CBS should investigate YOU, you need to be dealt with, no mercy what-so-ever, you post major hate on here all the time and now you want to throw kids in prison, you should be in the coco nest yourself. You should see what is written all over Los Angeles and I do mean all over. This is a Major Hate Crime-The Worst, grow up stop being soooooooooooochildish. You say no mercy what-so-ever and then you say I”ll be praying for you, (gag) don’t you ever edit what you type? Ya contridict your self, don’t ya even know that? Geez!

    • Lavenia Winter

      I agree with you 100%. Too often people want to chalk things up to kids being kids. But maybe if we as a community stood together and demand differently…things would start getting better. Even if that means holding the parents accountable…after all, it’s often their parenting, or lack thereof that contributed.

      • Zen

        This is the work of the new, fresh and nonetheless ‘disturbed’ young face of the right-wing fascism that is alive and well, and living alongside in America today, flexing their spray-paint can finger muscles (trigger fingers next). Sins of the fathers visited upon the sons thereof.

    • Isaiah

      No mercy? The American Christian way..

      • Lavenia Winter

        After repentance, mercy can be shown.

  • Elvis Spudley

    If this were a church of Satin how many “Christians” would be doing the same thing? I find this type of behavior is troubling, but I also view the self-rightousness in these comments.

    • Reuben

      Really? There’s a Church of Satin? Are there any other cults for soft, cushy fabrics?

      • isis Tyree

        Mmmm… Must be the Satanic church for gays.

  • Hereticmonk

    I have the number 14 tagged all over my neighborhood. On trash cans, stop signs, sides of buildings. WHY ISN’T THAT A HATE CRIME?

  • Nicolas Santos

    I would not say this was a hate crime. It is a misunderstanding and nothing more than vandalism. Them who wrote on the wall clearly do not know what they wrote, and what the Pastor said about the “pentagram” is more alarming than anything. Our U.S. flag is riddled with pentagram, and it is engraved into what we stand behind for our nation and internation protection such as the Pentagon and local law (which they brandish on their cars and badges), so what is this pastor saying or does not want to say?

    It is like the hexagram, the star of David. To many, it represents Judaism, but many do not know that this star is pagan star that Solomon worshiped and fell into idolatry with. It is called the “Star of Solomon.” It is associated with magic, and magic went againt the grain of God, making it therefore Satanic.

    I encourage everyone to read so we do not call good bad and bad good but rightfully applying words and symbol from what they were made to be.

    You can read a bit from here: http://straitwaytruth.com/artman/publish/article_109.shtml I may not agree with other sites they publish but it is a great read to gain a little from history.

    I find it intriguing that both the U.S. and land of Israel both use satanic symbol to represent them. Knowing this could lead us to let go of idolatry and take hold of what truly represents God.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, only turn on the lights on a subject.

    • sanitywillprevail

      They were anti-Christian remarks and anti-Chritian symbols. They were left purposefully and meant to intimidate and cause emotional harm. You are trying too hard to be politically correct. What was done was wrong. It needs to be dealt with as the hate crime it was intended to be.

      • Lavenia Winter

        You’re completely right.


    These are not kids being kids or brats being brats. They are certainly old enough to know the meaning of what they write. We need to deal out very severe punishment for these chicken%#$@ people who dare to do these hateful things. No ‘probation’ or picking up trash…BIG TIME JAIL TIME. Also, the parents should always pay for any damage done…maybe they’ll learn to find out what their creepy kids are up to. Hate Crime for sure.

  • Heywood

    Until we see otherwise, it’s just more of Hegel’s Dialectic being put into play by area power brokers. There has never been any proof of “satanic cults” beyond assertions by media or those with an ulterior agenda.

  • Steve Harris

    Check with the 99% crowd.

  • Alfie

    “People are hateful by nature”???????????
    Isn’t that sort of a warped way of looking at the world????
    I don’t get the impression that that’s the way Jesus viewed people.

  • meh

    Little do these “witch hunters” know that the ‘Satanic symbol’ of an upside-down cross is an old Christian symbol of humility. Originally called St. Peter’s cross, it represents St. Peter’s request to be crucified upside down because he didn’t feel worthy enough to die like Jesus Christ.
    Pentagrams also have an old Christian meaning, (among many other meanings in many different religions and science academies before the meaning was tainted by wannabe “Satanists”). The five points represented the wounds of Jesus on the cross.
    So, good work CBS, for continuing the historical ignorance permeating society. Of course, I believe vandalism is wrong and obviously the context that the vandals used the crosses and pentagrams in was intended to be anti-Christian, but the simple classification of these symbols as being Satanic in this article irks me a little bit. Without the misinformation popular in the media, the swastika would still be a symbol of harmony with the elements and the pentagram would still be recognized for its many meanings (none of which originally had ANYTHING to do with Satan). If people were educated a bit more on symbolic meanings then the negative power associated with them would be taken away.

  • Rafael

    “The Sacramento Police Department is investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.”

    What?! Of course it’s a hate crime! How obvious can it be?!

  • jojopoop

    hate crime is what it is. deport them

  • Em Jones

    “Hate crime investigation?” That will really shake up the creeps who did this, for sure! Hey, get Holder and Obama on the phone, now! However, the question is: just who will they go after? No, better to wait and let the police handle this incident.

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