SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parents of Howe Avenue Elementary School are complaining that their voices haven’t been heard after a 7-year-old boy walking home from school was struck and killed by a car on Thursday.

Outraged parents demanded answers after Tayvon Webb was killed crossing the busy street along a block with no sidewalk.

“It’s one of the most dangerous locations in this area to have a school to have your kids walk home from,” said parent Shawn Henderson on Friday.

“My condolences to the family, but this shouldn’t be going,” another parent, Ellen Byers, said of the safety issues.

Parents tell CBS13 they’ve been complaining for years, so Koula Gianulias took their concerns to the San Juan Unified School District, asking a spokesman if they’ll make changes to keep children safe along neighboring streets.

“The death of the student is tragic,” said the district’s Roger Stock, “We’re always looking for ways to ensure student safety, tragedy or no tragedy.”

Stock says they’ll continue reaching out to Sacramento County, where the transportation department determines which areas receive sidewalks and crosswalks. A county spokesman says Howe Avenue Elementary was already on their priority list, but CBS13 asked why something hadn’t already been done.

“It’ll be a consideration,” the county’s Lupe Rodriguez said of making changes now. “There are a lot of similar areas with similar needs.”

The first step in making changes, a walk audit, is scheduled for Tuesday. The county said the audit was scheduled before Tayvon’s death.

Meanwhile, his family and friends assembled near the site of his death on Friday, holding up signs imploring drivers to slow down.

Comments (40)
  1. Draco Edmonds says:

    Umm I live right there there is a park on the same side of the street AS the school so thats a bald face LIE that there is NO sidewalk there. If that kid is one of the several I see running across the street when I am walking down that way before and after school its the kids own damn fault for getting hit. There are 3 cross walks on that side of the block all with lights at them. If the kid is reckless enough and the parents stupid enough to not teach them to not run across a busy street then thats the parents and kids fault. I have walked to drop of my roomates kid AT that school several times and not once have we ever come close to getting hit because guess what. I cross with him AT the lights and I walk along the walking path in the park RIGHT to the parking lot at the school. The place is as safe as it can possibly get if the kids would simply stop jay walking across the street.

    1. Tyrone says:

      How can you be so evil & hearless? The street is noy safe for adults. Let alone little children. Accidents happen & their is no one to blame. But your ignorance is evident. Your racism is on display. God bless your evil soul.

      1. Tyrone says:

        *Heartless is what I meant to say. *Not safe

      2. Swim says:

        There are crosswalks on both corners near the school and a very nice path through the park to get to the crossing at Cottage. The crossing at El Camino has sidewalks. Why add yet another light and crossing just so kids don’t have to walk the extra 500 ft.

  2. Christopher Schoonover says:

    first off why was a 7 year old walking home by himself. why was he taught it was ok to j-walk on howe. if there is not a cross walk then dont cross. you walk to the corner that has a crosswalk and cross. its that simple. top teaching your kids to be lazy and walk the extra 500 feet. what the hell is wrong with our world.

    1. Draco Edmonds says:

      Its not that it adds any distance onto the trip. I have SEEN the kid walk past the light at the corner and across the street from the school, and its kids as young as about 4 walking to school WITHOUT the parents. Instead of the outcry at the city the PARENTS need to be arrested for child endangerment and neglect. The walk is maybe 20 mins max with a 4 year old walking with you.

  3. Draco Edmonds says:

    CBS 13 If you want I can show you exactly where I live and the several routes TO the school that can’t really get any safer. Go walk around the area. there is NO reason for the kid to be walking on the one little section of the road that does not have a sidewalk. There are plenty of paths that DO have sidewalks. Go out there with hidden cameras and SEE the kids as young as 4 walking without adult supervision and then still tell me this is not the parents neglecting and endangering their children.

    1. Tyrone says:

      I will be back out there soon. Please come & walk with me & show me. Do you still have green hair? I will be keeping an eye out for you. Please believe me!




    1. bri says:

      a little kid got killed , stop with the holler than thou, ” OUR TAX $”” well it my tax dollars too and if they need something done to make little kids safe then do it!

      1. Andy says:

        just think of all the tax dollars are being saved not havingto raise the crackbaby

    2. Thomas Green says:

      Just wait until your white boi got killed, because u are at work or too lazy watching FaukkkNews at home.

    3. Kathy says:

      The mother was at work. Why are you even commenting? You’re a racist and you could care less about any race other than your own, so stfu. A life was lost and it belonged to a child. It could happen to anyone’s family…including yours.

  5. Mercy Me says:

    A child is dead. Pointing fingers serves no purpose whatsoever! It ss not a 7 year old child’s “fault”!. The people making comments were not there and did not see what happened. It’s so interesting to me how people have the answers to every situation without even knowing the facts. My prayers go out to this family.

    1. Draco Edmonds says:

      Did you not read my comments I have SEEN the kids running across the street with no parents. I DO know what they do and I DO know that its the fault of the parents AND kids. If the kid can’t be bothered to cross at any of the 3 lights on that block then adding a 4th or changing the sidewalks is not going to do anything.

    2. Obama Nation says:

      Mercy Me, It is the 7 year olds fault, he ran out in front of traffic, Stop blaming everything else. The parents should have taught him better, if they did teach him to cross at the light and use the cross walk and he did not, IT IS HIS FAULT. People die every day from duing stupid things. Get a clue

  6. Jody says:

    I’d rather have them taught common sense and learn to cross streets safely than have a kid who is hovered over constantly and treated as if he or she can’t do ANYTHING for him or herself!!! Kids are much more competent to do things for themselves than we as adults think nowadays.

    1. Draco Edmonds says:

      I do agree that kids should be given some responsibility but until they are at the very least 10-12 they should not be walking down one of the busiest streets in the city by themselves. They are small, from what I have seen with the way they run across the middle of the street do not have the common sense to not put themselves in the path of cars on the road, any kid that is under the age of 10 is simply too young to be walking to and from school on their own.

    2. Herb says:

      You are wrong.If he were hovered over he would be alive

  7. gina says:

    No matter what is said here, there is a problem anywhere when pedestrians and automobiles have to share the roadways. . . .
    When you drive in the country don’t you see signs warning drivers of Deer crossings ? Howe Ave. is almost an express way, people drive like there is no tomorrow on it, drivers forget about pedestrians, they forget and people get killed. You Sacramento people better do something cause, drivers could care less when the gravity of the driving condition isn’t realized……

  8. rmcsticksr says:

    I drove my son everyday and picked him up after work at day care,(single parent) I miss those days and would never have let my son walk by himself. for you lazy parents who cant seem to get off your a$$ e$ and get your kids to school safe, STOP HAVING KIDS. Start taking some responcabilty for yourself in this life ans stop blamming everybody else…..

    1. J C Loggins says:

      It is totally amazing how CBS13 , especially Sam Shane, is so quick to jump on the bandwagon without first investigating. I am as sorry as the next person that this child was killed bur be realistic no amount of money can compensate for common sense on behalf of parents, Teach your children properly and reduce the probability of these tragic events from occurring. Someone should show some empathy for the driver of the car who is probably devastated.

  9. Ethnic minorities are the problem says:

    Another black person not taking responsibility pushing the buck on the government. What they need to do is stop having 50 kids maybe if they only had 1 or 2 they would be able to take care of them. Well that and drop the crack pipe.

    1. King Bob says:

      you got that right, America is a pure example of how white wanted to make other look bad. Cocaine&Crack is the same thing. The law was prescribed to lessen on white (rich) that uses coke & poor & black (crack) harsher sentence. Basic Criminology101.

      Who is Kate & eight..? Octomom? Looks very Anglo to me.

      Why do we called white “stoners?” bc they stoned on drugs. Charlie Sheen is a white example.

      There more to the list of your whiteness facee or drive 45mins north anywhere in rural counties, see it for yourself, your white trash people worse than you could imagine about minorities.

      1. B. says:

        Literacy is Golden, Bob. Now I’ve heard everything.

      2. look in the mirror says:

        Yeah, the whites made the blacks make heroes out of the gang banger celebrities with there gansta rap dope dealing killing thug music. They also made the blacks wear there pants down to their knees………. and they wonder why they can’t get a job…………

      3. jerseycat07503 says:

        Hey KB how come almost all the d dealers are black?

  10. CorporateMediaIsADangerousCult says:

    I got to say, with all the UNCONSTITUTIONAL stuff going on right now, these Parents who demand, ought be prepared to use 75 LB Jackhammers and do the work themselves or STFU.

    Open your eyes people. Howe Avenue is a Freeway with stop lights. It’s where we CONSUME.

    The problem I have with CIABS I mean (CBS 13) is so happy to turn us local people into their next circus, to be prosecuted and jailed and fined and taxed.

    when it comes to breaking the US Constitution, or War Crimes, or Corruption, or Domestic Terrorism BY OUR OWN OFFICIALS, or Mortgage Fraud, or Bank Fraud by Over Leveraging, or the Debt to GDP. All they have is their talking points and canned clips of economists and retired generals and just a bunch of idiots who are making everything worse.

    You want things worse.
    Keep listening to CBS 13.
    Problem, Reaction, Solution.
    Pretty soon only 500 million humans will be alive.
    These Solar Cult Worshipers have their Guidestones in Georgia. (Those ought to be CRUSHED to dust, just like the underground bases for the elite)

  11. concerned family member says:

    I am the seven year boys family. That women dragged him 100 feet under her car. All of his teeth were gone, he was hit by blunt head trauma. He was laying in the street bleeding from his head. I have been on that street and the apartment complex is in the middle with no direct crosswalk to it. There needs to be some stop signs and the speed limit needs to be lowered to 25 since there is a school nearby. What was this women doing where she did not see my little nephew and slam on her brakes. I will never get to see the little boy grow up INTO A HANDSOME MAN.

    1. Where were the parents? says:

      Maybe someone should have been there to pick up the seven year old, or walk him home to make sure he was safe. Parent Neglect.

  12. Andy says:

    in a related story, a local dollar store reported a spike in shoplifting of balloons, candles and stuffed animals

    1. jerseycat406 says:

      Andy you are a total DUF.

  13. Andy says:

    isn’t Kouila just a doll? cutie!

  14. Its good to me me says:

    Me O’ My !! The lord called his name, it doesn’t matter how he passed on. It could of happened a million ways, because the lord said “Son, it is time for you to come home.”. Why? We will never understand… from what it appears, He’s in a much better place. My deepest sympathy to the family.

  15. mrs neal says:

    I hate prejudice white people…if they could have their way..all black people would be hangin from a tree..stop fckin crying over tax dollars that’s so old..a little boy died have some respect.. Are shut the Fck up!

  16. Jennifer Connolly says:

    To all of you who are making this about color STOP no one brought up the color of this kids skin just the fact the he DID NOT USE A CROSS WALK. The parents should have tought him to use the cross walk if they where not going to take him to school. I’m sorry this little boy died,h I have an 8 and 4 year olds and both my mom and I have tought them how to cross the street. There is also a little song for it You stop look and listen before you cross the street you use your eyes use your ears and then you use you feet. oh and Mrs neal you are the only one saying stuff about black people hanging from a tree, I have no problem with people of any color and know alot of white people who have no problems with people of color..

  17. mrs neal says:

    The young man who was killed was Black..the comments that are being made are directed towards his black mom..if this child was kid napped like most white kids are. I’m sure people wouldn’t be saying the parent was lazy are smoking a crack pipe, and I highly doubt that any one would be metioning how the parent should have taught the child stranger danger. And they sure wouldn’t be crying over tax dollars being spent to find the child..and I cleary stated that I Hate PREJUDICE white people. I’m sure Jennifer might not have a problem with my race but the people that do I give them the middle finger. Regardless of how the incident happen it was a child..I was taught that children are innocent..

  18. Namari says:

    Slam dunkin like Shaquille O’Neal, if he wrote inrfomtavie articles.

  19. jazzyj says:

    the point is the lazy parents why you let a 7 year old child walk home by hisself on that busy street??? where were the parents sitting at home watching tv waiting on a check!!! i have a 8 year old if my girlfriend not there to pick him up i would be there, she has a 7 year old girl and we both picked the up, and that not my child but i am a man if im f***ing the mother its my job to be there for the child!!!!! the child i feel sorry for not the parents its your fault sorry ass parents

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