Pro Surfer At San Francisco Event Withdraws After Seeing Large Shark

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS/AP) — A professional surfer competing in a contest at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach left the water in the middle of a heat after saying he saw a large shark.

Surfer Dusty Payne of Hawaii left the surf on Tuesday while competing against another surfer in the Rip Curl Pro Search event, saying he saw a large shark just outside the lineup. The contest is part of the Association of Surfing Professionals’ World Tour.

Payne said he has seen many dolphins before, and that he was sure it was not a dolphin. He called it the “biggest fin I’ve ever seen in my life coming straight at me.”

The sighting follows an attack by a 9-foot shark on a surfer Saturday at Marina State Beach in Monterey County, about 100 miles south of San Francisco.

Eric Tarantino suffered injuries to his neck and arm, but was released Monday from the hospital.

The contest was continuing after the sighting.

  • HRH

    Smart man.
    Live to surf the next big wave.

  • JC

    Dusty Pane is a pu**y. Of course there are sharks out there. That whole area is very sharkey, its not called the “red triangle” for no reason. He’s a professional and he shamed himself by getting out of the water during his heat. He should have stayed in there, surfed just like every other surfer who surfs OB. Dusty, go back to Hawaii you pu**y!

    • Open Mind

      ok keyboard warrior… lets see how you react in that situation :)

      • Thumbington

        Seriously. “It’s all good guys! I’m just gonna stick it out and risk potentially losing a limb or DYING because I want to prove myself!” By making the decision he made, he proved he IS a professional, not the contrary.

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