OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — The Wednesday strike being called by anti-Wall Street demonstrators in Oakland is getting a big boost from organized labor.

The unions that represent Oakland’s public school teachers and city government workers have endorsed the protesters’ call to march, picket outside banks and attempt to shut down the Port of Oakland in the evening.

Oakland Education Association Secretary Steve Neat says that as of Tuesday afternoon, the staffs at two elementary schools and a small high school had decided to close their campuses for the day.

At least 182 school district employees, the vast majority classroom teachers, had asked to be replaced with substitutes for the day.

A spokesman for the city workers union says the city is allowing non-emergency employees to use vacation or personal days so they can participate.

Comments (14)
  1. Obamatakecareofme says:

    Union employee’s are greedy, leading to the down fall of America.. let them strike it comes out of their paychecks along with the union dues that fund big paychecks for the union bosses and the politicians they contribute to.

    Union employees cannot think for themselves.

    1. James says:

      it comes out of your pocket too……taxes.

    2. me says:

      exactly abolish unions

    3. falcon says:

      Grow up! Wake up! Get a life! You would have a minimum wage job and nothing else if it were not for Unions. You ca not think for yourself.I am a business owner and I appreciate what Unions have done for this country.

      1. Jeff says:

        Unions had a time and place for this country. That time has long gone.

  2. Brian says:

    Gimmee gimmee–where my check? I have worked hard my whole life and make a modest living. These people are crazy to have expectations of someone else taking care of them. If they want more money start a business and take a risk. I earn everything I get and ask no one for anything. These people blame our society’s problems on corp. greed? They need to look at themselves in the mirror and step up to make their lives better.

    1. James says:

      Really? you worked hard?……as in hard labor harvesting crops in the fields?….I doubt it!

    2. Doc says:

      They aren’t expecting someone else to take care of them. They are expecting not to get ripped off by their government and the power-elite. Open your eyes, friend; if you aren’t outraged, you are not paying attention.

  3. Jeff says:

    Marc Epstein the owner of the Milk Street Cafe at 40 Wall Street in lower Manhattan, said he had to cut 21 of the 97 members of his staff, on Thursday and Friday after seeing sales plummet by 30%. He has also been forced to slash the restaurant operating hours, moving up his closing time from 9 pm to 3:30pm Mondays through Thursdays.

    Talk to these people who lost their jobs because of protesters like you

    1. James says:

      Yes, well, he was exploiting these workers…low wages, no benefits, but I’m sure he was RAKING it in in profits…..going on nice vacations, driving a new vehicle every year, etc., etc., on the backs of the workers, who were working for peanuts just trying to make ends meet.

  4. grayce says:

    Is this money coming from the union dues? The teacher union needs to get audit to show where all the money goes to. Then maybe then can pay their teachers more money. Parents are paying for school supplies, why doesn’t the teachers union help out their local schools instead.

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