ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The state Department of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday closed the Roseville field office after tests showed positive results for mold contamination.

The department said the precautionary measure will remain in effect until all the mold is removed and tests show the office at 222 Harding Boulevard is clean and safe for customers and employees to return.

The DMV promptly began testing after an employee noticed a “musky smell”. Environmental experts located the mold near a janitor’s closet. Removal and disinfection is expected to take a week or longer.

Signs have been posted on entrances alerting customers about the closure and redirecting them to offices in Rocklin, Carmichael and Folsom. The 23 employees who work at the Roseville location will also be reassigned to those three sites, the DMV said.

No drive tests will be conducted duirng the closure and customers with appointments will be contacted and rescheduled, the DMV said.

Comments (3)
  1. Patrick Nguyen-Vo says:

    No Seriously that Office is SO old and Out dated! They just need to blow it up and make a new one! I’m Embarrassed for the office.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I remain ILL due to Mold Contamination in my Home, and My INsurane carrier CLOSED my case after allowance ONLY for “Water Damages” according to their Adjusters’ ealuation. So far a firm out of Sacramento has NOT fulfilled its obligation to Remediate y property and DID NOT subit a bid. I am just devastated. Eledrly, I have been hospatiled # times and continue on antibiotics. I sincerely NeeD help.

  3. Jeanne says:

    I am just about broke from staying in hotels and get some reprieve from the MOLD. Can NO longer afford motels, since this has been going on since MAY.

    Am happy to see Common sense ruled DMV decision to protect public.

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