COLUMBIA (CBS13) — A father and son in Tuolumne County were arrested Wednesday on suspicion of harvesting marijuana for sale, according to the sheriff’s office.

Agents executed a search warrant at 21827 Good Luck Mine Road in Columbia and arrested Craig Dean Carter, 58, and Tarion Michael Reiner, 29, on multiple felony charges.

Agents recovered about 90 pounds of processed marijuana with a street value of $270,000 and 160 grams of hash valued at about $5,000.

Agents also seized 40 pounds of marijuana shake often used in the hash-making process. A small amount of methamphetamine was also seized, the sheriff’s office said.

Both suspects claimed the marijuana was for medical purposes, but detectives found the property to have security fencing, video surveillance systems and guard dogs, the sheriff’s office said.

The property was in “deplorable” conditions, according to the sheriff’s office, littered with large amounts of garbage and vermin feces.

Comments (8)
  1. Cal says:

    ….but that was medicinal feces officer!…..

  2. dumb and dumber says:

    Loser dad and loser son……… should change the name to Bad Luck Mine Rd.

  3. Joseph says:

    & this is exactly why the Federal Gov’t. is cracking down on these so called “medical marijuana dispensaries”.

  4. jed says:

    yeeeeeee- haaaaaaaaw

  5. rmcsticks says:

    This was never ment to be a (medical grow) this is white trash making money, this is why they should make it legal and the feds should get there $ hit together….

  6. bryan e says:

    As some one who knows these two men, I assure you that they are good, kind people; not meth addicts but calm individuals that have a knack for botany.
    The place is a bit of a mess but “vermin feces” is a ridiculous descriptor. Having spent my youth in that area, it was not uncommon having a car or two in the yard.
    There is no cartel, no meth cooking, no broken knee caps, no threats on lives; just some people making a living on the failed policies*.


    1. rmcsticks says:

      PLEASE, who the F do you think your kidding , this is white trash just like you……

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