SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A dog is recovering from a serious disease after being thrown into the front yard of an unsuspecting neighbor and abandoned by an unidentified suspect.

Justin Livingston said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a young man carry a three-month-old pit bull mix puppy to the fence of neighbor Jeanette Trimble’s home and then toss it “like it was a rag doll” into the yard.

“He went back to the car, grabbed a bag of dog food and tossed that over the fence,” Livingston said.

Jeanette said the man “peeled rubber” in his haste to get away from the scene, leaving the crying puppy behind. News of the abandoned dog, now named Jack, spread quickly throughout the neighborhood, especially when they learned that Jack was suffering from parvo.

Jack’s new owner, nearby resident Nicholas Ryan, said he believes the suspect abandoned the dog because he learned the puppy had contracted the often-deadly disease, which is expensive to treat.

“How somebody can do this to this little dog, it’s just beyond my comprehension,” Ryan said.

Keeping Jack alive has already cost about $1,500 in vet bills and there’s still no assurance he will survive the disease.

The only description of the man who abandoned the dog is a young man driving an old, beat-up red Honda Accord.

Comments (23)
  1. Kim Caron says:

    Sad to abandon a puppy 😦 Poor Jack…. glad he found a good home and I hope he recovers completely. Sad all the way around because the fact that this guy put him in a yard with some food shows deep down he had a heart. Bet he’s got a sad story, too. Probably couldn’t afford to have him treated. I know I can’t even afford medical care for myself, let alone a puppy. Times are hard, it’s sad all the way around.

    1. KP says:

      Are you kidding? WHO – T H R O W S a puppy “like a rag” over a fence?????? There are many rescues and shelters he could have called for help or advice. He could have GENTLY set the puppy down in that yard… UGH.. I don’t care if he was poor, on drugs, unemployed, or on his way to occupy Sacramento… there is never a good enough excuse for inhumane treatment of animals.

  2. Verdic says:

    This story is NEWS..!!… very Sad very Sad that the reporter has lto bringan dog story-TAIL as news story. What next for you maria.. A cloring Box found in dumpster..?

    1. Gene Rossi says:

      If you can run a better newspaper. . .have at it. . .!

    2. Alyce Ruberg says:

      Very Sad Very Sad a 5 year old has better grammar than you.

    3. luanne says:

      I’m not sure I understand anything you are trying to say. Can you repeat this in English please?

  3. Gene Rossi says:

    The truth to this story confirms the humans beings can be inhuman, there are so many heartless people. . . .just remember what this guy can do to an animal, he can as easily do to a person. . .

    1. Gene Rossi says:

      One thing for sure, the dogs in a better place than he was but, I don’t think the owner had ant intent upon this outcome. . .

  4. betty says:

    Well the old saying, “what goes around comes around”. the disgusting person who did this to the poor puppy, will get his in HELL. all he had to do was take the puppy to the SPCA , they would decide what to do with the puppy.

  5. Needlenoses says:

    this is stupid, a puppy gets abandoned and its news, but a dude runs down j st attacking women with a hammer and its not news. go figure.

  6. Monica says:

    This happened to me! A guy dumped a pup in my cudisac and drove off. He too had parvo, but unforntunatley he didn’t survive.

  7. laurie209 says:

    This happens all of the time in Stanislaus County. One sees abandoned dogs running the streets daily. Makes you wonder about the mentality of people who do this. I would never trust a person who abandoned and/or abused animals around a child. These types of people are heartless and are capable of many horrendous acts..

  8. Mace says:

    Sorry Jack…But Maria looks kinda good in the segment LOL…I hope the pup gets the help he needs. I’m sure the guy couldn’t afford to take of the puppy! Next time just call the SPCA…for assistance or advice bro.

  9. The Rev. says:

    Maybe he cared about the dog.He did leave a bag of food.Mothers leave babies places hoping someone will take care of them.He may just of had good intentions.

  10. bieber23 says:

    The puppy is like a fetus,
    Its his choice

    1. YM says:

      And your mother had a choice too. Unfortunately she choose to keep you.

  11. JC says:

    This breaks my heart, Parvo is a can be prevented with a simple trip to the vet and a $20 dollar bill. I have 2 pits myself, they are family. We’ve owned them since they were pups. Parvo is such a painful, very painful illness. I hope the pup recovers, with the help of his new owner.

  12. olando says:

    my chihuahua had parvos….he got well, after 5 days at vet and $1500 in elk grove,,,are they expensive or what,,i know they use our love for them, and they suck it to us,with guilt,,and yes, they use our children too as a weapon
    ,,any way . Mini his name was,,he lived 7 years,, got out one day, and did not come back..!

    $20? to cure parvo? where in Mexico? not here in usa that i know for sure.

    1. JC says:

      Not cured, PREVENTED with vaccination. Please read the post completely. Parvo is VERY expensive to treat, responsible pet owners get pets vaccinated.

  13. Bill M says:

    How many children would be vaccinated for whooping cough with the $1500 the new owner paid to treat the dog?

    1. JC says:

      Good point, however the Whooping Cough vaccine is available at all public health dept at little to no cost. Thats what we pay Taxes for…

  14. susan mcgee says:

    If evryone pitched in $5.00 to help Ryan pay the vet bill , we could make a difference too! Where do I send my money?

  15. luanne says:

    My love “Jackson”, a Pit/Shorthair mix, had parvo too; and thankfully I recognized the signs and got him to my vet in time, 6-days at the vet’s, $1200 that I’m paying off at $200 every two-weeks, another 6-weeks of in-home quarantine and he is cured. Fortunately, once you get a dog through parvo, they can’t get it again. I was lucky and so was Jackson. Good luck to new owner Nicholas Ryan and Jack!

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