Puppy Abandoned In Stranger’s Front Yard

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A dog is recovering from a serious disease after being thrown into the front yard of an unsuspecting neighbor and abandoned by an unidentified suspect.

Justin Livingston said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a young man carry a three-month-old pit bull mix puppy to the fence of neighbor Jeanette Trimble’s home and then toss it “like it was a rag doll” into the yard.

“He went back to the car, grabbed a bag of dog food and tossed that over the fence,” Livingston said.

Jeanette said the man “peeled rubber” in his haste to get away from the scene, leaving the crying puppy behind. News of the abandoned dog, now named Jack, spread quickly throughout the neighborhood, especially when they learned that Jack was suffering from parvo.

Jack’s new owner, nearby resident Nicholas Ryan, said he believes the suspect abandoned the dog because he learned the puppy had contracted the often-deadly disease, which is expensive to treat.

“How somebody can do this to this little dog, it’s just beyond my comprehension,” Ryan said.

Keeping Jack alive has already cost about $1,500 in vet bills and there’s still no assurance he will survive the disease.

The only description of the man who abandoned the dog is a young man driving an old, beat-up red Honda Accord.


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