Today, Don starts by telling us that not only are the ratings are up in our target demo, but we are also in the top 10 with everybody in Sacramento! On top of that, those hacks Rob, Arnie, and Dawn continue to go down! Don also tells us he saw a UFO while driving home from lunch yesterday. When he tells the guys where he was at when he saw it, they realize he was by the skeet shooting range off of Fulton! The guys have a great time taking shots at Don for that, and even Craig throws in a few good ones. We then hear about a former ESPN Vice President filing a pre-emptive lawsuit against Erin Andrews, claiming he was masturbating while sitting next to her on a plane flight, and Dave’s deal with Jodi Bacon to start chewing nicotine gum in 9 days. Apparently Dave is trying to back out of it now.

After hearing of a new porno that Hustler is making based on ESPN, and Angry Birds taking over as the biggest video game ever, Don tells us what is really in a McRib, and then calls different McDonalds around the country to find out why people are so into this disgusting sandwich. We then get a visit from ESPN’s Mark Schlereth, who just last week found an old jersey he had from the Don and Mike charity softball game in 1991. Mark, who is calling while working out on an elliptical machine, talks about the players, coaches, and G.M.’s who have complained to him about his opinions on ESPN, who are the best teams in each conference, and how Tim Tebow is not an NFL caliber quarterback.

Don then tells us about the success story of his former intern, Greg Garcia, who is now a television director, writer, and producer, and how it is possible for interns- even Craig, to achieve greatness. We then get a visit from Hall Of Famer Dan Dierdorf, who is covering the Raiders/Broncos game for CBS on Sunday. Dan talks about making the transition to broadcasting after his career, the football injuries he’s sustained, and how much Carson Palmer will improve after his abysmal performance two weeks ago. After the interview we hear a clip of a Canadian sports anchor finding out he won the lottery during their news broadcast, and the top 5 Herman Cain pickup lines. The guys then play a quick game of “Foreign or Domestic” in Ft. Myers, FL.

It is then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the second clash between protesters and police during Occupy Oakland last night, Lindsay Lohan getting 30 days in the slammer, and X Factor pulling in 12 million viewers earlier this week. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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