Unsolved Keddie Killings Still Haunt Surviving Family Member

KEDDIE (CBS13) – The stretch of I-70 in the Feather River Canyon appears to be one of the most peaceful settings in Plumas County, but three decades ago, a monster invaded the town of Keddie.

Sheila Sharp, who was only 14 years old in 1981, said she will never forget the sight of walking into her family’s cabin on the morning of April 12.

“When I opened [the door], I saw… apparently I did say it was my brother, but I don’t remember it being my brother,” Sheila said.

On the floor of Cabin 28, Sheila found the lifeless bodies of her 16-year-old brother, his 17-year-old girlfriend, and her mother. They had been beaten with a claw hammer, stabbed and strangled.

Sheila’s 12-year-old sister, Tina, was missing. CBS13’s archived footage of an interview with a detective shows the confusion and utter lack of clues as to where the young girl was in the hours following the discovery.

“We’re trying to locate Tina, we believe that she’s an integral part of this and that she may be the clue that we’re looking for,” the investigator said.

Three years later, Tina’s skull would be found in a remote area 60 miles from the murder scene.

“My mom and I were close, all of us were close, but Tina, I call her my angel,” Sheila said.

Sheila wasn’t home that night because she was spending the night at a friend’s cabin.

“Sometimes I sit there and think if I was there maybe it wouldn’t have happened, but I can’t think that way because in my mind I think it would really mess with me,” she said.

She returned to the scene of the murders 30 years later to try to connect with the memory of her family and raise awareness of the unsolved murders.

The questions for her family’s killers have echoed in her mind for too many years, she said, and she hopes someone out there has information on the culprits and is ready to share it.

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  • David Kulczyk

    I wrote a chapter about the Keddie Murders in my book, Death in California – The Bizarre, Freakish, and Just Curious Ways People Die in the Golden State.

  • Chichibcc

    Thank you for discussing this case-it is tragic and heartbreaking on so many levels. For those of you who would like to know more, there is also a website/forum dedicated to the case: http://keddiemurdersfilm.com/forum/

  • David Kulczyk

    It truly is a bizarre case… I believe that John and David got picked up while hitchhiking and were tricked into letting the killers into the house.

  • Chichibcc

    I believe the killers were already present in C28 when the boys arrived….and once they walked in the door, things just got totally out of hand from there. I also don’t think the killers were total strangers, either…given how brutal the killings were-this was truly personal, in my opinion. I don’t understand how people can be so evil….

  • Wingate friend

    I’m wondering why no one is mentioning Dana Wingate, the 17 year old family friend who was also murdered.
    Privacy issues?


      Dana was mentioned as Johnny’s “17 year girlfriend”.. Duh, anyone doing any research on this case at all, would have realized Dana was a “he” and was Johnny’s friend. NO GIRLFRIEND. Irresponsible reporting. There were 4 murdered in this crime and they all deserve their own place in this story.

    • Chichibcc

      I agree…..not very much about Dana was mentioned at all….I wish Mr. Lopez could’ve interviewed his family members as well…I wonder if he tried contacting any of them? I think he really should have if he didn’t try to do so.

    • Chichibcc

      I agree….there wasn’t very much mentioned about Dana at all…I did find that disappointing. I wish Mr. Lopez could’ve interviewed his relatives as well. That would’ve made this report even better.

  • Wingate friend

    Ooops, I accidentally unsubscribed. This is me, subscribing to this thread again. Sorry.

  • Monette Mcfadden

    This murder touched all of us kids and families who lived there. I have never forgot about this and the killers need to come clean so they can rest. It was hard enough then and it still has a chilling affect to this day

  • David Kulczyk

    in my post above, I wrote David instead of Dana. but four people were killed that night. One strange thing is how close all the cabins were. I would be hard not to hear the ruckus. Maybe if was one of the neighbors?

    • Chichibcc

      I think the thickness of the cabin walls may have had something to do with it…although residents of C16 (which faced the rear side of C28) reported hearing “muflfed screams” at 1:30 a.m.

  • Mrs. Jones

    Interesting that the killers have died, but the case hasn’t been closed?
    I do hope the sheriff is right and that the new leads and DNA will help this woman to heal.
    Please follow up in a few months with this story Mr. Lopez.
    I think it would be wonderful if you could help her to find some comfort with the ploice finally closing this case.

    • Wingate Friend

      One can only hope, JJ.

    • Wingate Friend

      Forgive me for asking here, but I’d like to reconnect with you. How can we do that? I’m still at the same address and on FB.
      Your artsy friend,

  • dmac

    Sheriff Hagwood is a liar. He has no interest in solving this case. His office’s actions towards the victims, towards the killers, towards the public in the past thirty years have been absolutely unconscionable.

  • Sionan

    It is unbelievable, and unforgivable, that this crime has not been officially solved. It is hard to believe Sheriff Hagwood’s sincere desire to solve this case. Actions speak louder than words.

  • FG

    Thank you for airing the segments on this case. It is time for the family, friends, and community to get some answers that are long overdue! Please continue to follow-up with the developments in this case. Actually, the way this case has gone I should say please follow-up with the LACK of investigative leads in this case.

  • dawghouse

    It’s great to see some actual media coverage of this case. The Sheriff’s office seems to have little interest in digging up their own ineptitude with regards to this tragedy, despite what the sheriff said on video.

  • Justice for All

    This is a heinous crime and anything and everything possible should be done to solve it. Half a family was brutally killed plus another young boy. I read that someone called the Butte County Sheriff’s Office and told them anonymously that the remains found in Feather Falls were the remains of Tina Sharp. If the call was taped, why not release the recording to the public via television and see if anyone recognizes the voice? Oba Chandler, who killed a mother and her daughters in Tampa, was caught when authorities posted handwriting found on a brochure linked to the victims on Florida billboards. Oba Chandler had written down directions for the family on this brochure. A neighbor of Chandler’s recognized the handwriting and tipped authorities. Someone may very well recognize the voice on that tape and the person who made that call to the sheriff knows something about the Keddie Case. Another point of interest is the claim by a person close to the case that they are writing a book which will reveal the identity of the killer/killers. Hopefully what I read is erroneous as this would be tantamount to withholding evidence AKA aiding and abetting. This case needs the high beam of national coverage. Mr. Lopez, I see you are a CBS affiliate. Please contact the producers of Sixty Minutes and ask them to profile this case. I am writing a letter to Investigation Discovery. This is a compelling case that needs the spotlight of national coverage. Justice is blind, but it is not deaf and dumb.

  • meankitty

    I hope more local people can come on http://www.keddiemurdersfilm.com/forum and post in the forums. I would like to know what the locals living in Keddie at the time have to say about what they saw.

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