SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Six businesses replaced windows and tallied up the damage Sunday morning after an unknown number of suspects went on a theft spree overnight, and investigators said the culprits may be related to a similar series of crimes last week.

The Sacramento Police Department said five Natomas businesses and a sixth in Sacramento County were broken into between 4:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. Sunday, ranging from two dry cleaners businesses to a sports nutrition store.

Investigators believe the robberies are connected and they are looking into whether the incidents are related to another series of break-ins last Thursday. On both days, the suspects smashed through the front windows and quickly grabbed valuables before fleeing within a few seconds.

“These five burglaries happened within less than an hour, so I can imagine either they have different crews or different people they work together with. They are definitely familiar with the area,” said Sgt. Andrew Petit.

None of the businesses hit Sunday had high quality surveillance video for police to investigate, authorities said.

There is no detailed description of any suspects or any potential getaway vehicle.

Comments (5)
  1. gna says:

    I despise thieves, I hope they are caught soon but, when you find them don’t just slap them on the wrist. Let them serve so real time behind bars…..say 6 mos. or longer. . .let them feel the chill of cold concrete and the flavor of stale bread. The sting of incarceration does no good if you don’t make it hurt.
    Good luck in finding your thieves. . .

    1. Bob says:

      sadly they will get neither in jail…great food, comfortable bed, cable TV, gym facilities…its like Club Med except you don’t have a bill when you leave.

  2. killtheoutlaws says:

    man, if I caught someone in my store stealing , I would shoot them dead. then call the city to pick up this trash. yup they need to learn

  3. FAQ says:

    gna = articulate
    killtheoutlaws = reactionary

  4. John says:

    “Investigators believe the robberies are connected”…these are not robberies, they are burglaries. Huge difference, let’s not create panic. The California penal code is available online.

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