Man Accused Of Ax Murder Pleads Not Guilty By Reason Of Insanity

RIO LINDA (CBS13) — A Rio Linda man accused in a fatal ax attack on a man he mistakenly believed had broken into his house has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Authorities say 30-year-old Steven Zinda mistakenly believed that David Valdez had burglarized his home when he chased Valdez down a Rio Linda street and bashed his face with an ax in March.

Last month, a Sacramento County Superior Court judge ordered Zinda to stand trial for murder.

Authorities say Zinda came home on March 20 to find his home ransacked. He allegedly grabbed an ax and went after the 20-year-old Valdez, who was in the neighborhood attending a house party and waiting on the street for a ride.

Believing that Valdez was the suspect, Zinda told investigators he chased the younger man into a field a quarter-mile away and fatally wounded him.

  • TZzzzzz Shockingly Good

    Fry his Arse and then turn around and fry it again.

  • johnmunyer

    Of course he was crazy,you can tell that by his photo.looks like he’s a meth head.Acts like it too

  • Unknown

    Its just sad he didnt have enough sence to think about what would happend if he did what he did and about all the poeple he would hurt including his son who now has to live without im the one who holds him when hes crying and asks why he cant see him

  • question

    Is anyone sane who murders someone or attacks them when not self defense? Come on….There is something wrong with these people!
    OF COURSE they are insane. Now it has to be determined as to what degree and long in prison or a mental health facility…which is just as bad.

  • tiredofthedeadbeats

    I did not know met heads had their own home? I did not know meth heads were cleaned and groomed? Rio Lindo is not prime real estate. He is looks like a working man who simply got tired of the trash that has seized the neighborhood. If I caught someone in my house burglarizing, I would shoot them dead.

    • rmcsticks

      the kid was not in the house , read the story….. I hope they fry his a$$

  • Irjdk

    Hes crazy and if he could beat a pregnant girl then with a new born in her arms why wouldnt he go to the next level?? Son got a great step dad that loves him a lot he will b a great man some day

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