SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Teachers at Sacramento State University have threatened to go on strike if they don’t get a better contract.

Several dozen faculty members protested on campus this morning, chanting and holding signs.

It’s part of a system wide effort to get administrators back at the bargaining table.
Teachers say the current offer isn’t fair.

“Fair means no takebacks. Right now what they are proposing is restrictions on our rights and our ability to actually do our job. There is nothing on the table as far as proposals from the Chancellor’s team other than takebacks and reductions,” said Kevin Wehr, PhD., California Faculty Association.

Just yesterday, the California Faculty Association voted overwhelmingly in favor of walking off the job if necessary.

Faculty on two campuses near Los Angeles are going on strike in a few weeks.

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  1. landsknekt says:

    Hey all you over paid College teachers… When you actually work (as opposed to having your grad students do your work for you) for 40 hours, then we will consider giving you a pay raise. Don’t like your job, look to the private sector and see if you can do better…most of you will get turned down for jobs as either overqualified, or more likely no actual experience for the position being applied for.

    1. Jamie says:

      Wow, how ignorant you are….this is exactly what school ADMINISTRATORS want! They don’t care if the teacher teaches or knows how to teach, they are only interested in getting $$$$ from private industry in grants for RESEARCH!….& this is how it is done! Fire them administrators for incompetent!

    2. student101 says:

      You are talking about UC not CSU. CSU professors work harder better at teachings, no TAs, they do everything from lecturing to researching.

  2. Cal says:

    It’s nice to know that a contract no longer means anything.

  3. Jamie says:

    FIRE all administrators and hire new ones at LOWER WAGES AND LESS BENEFITS WITH NO PERKS! Why is the school system WASTING so much of our TAX $ on soooooo many administrators?!?! We need teachers and the schools have too many administrators! CUT THEM! There are too many of them already!

  4. Ray says:

    Fire them all close the schools and save the taxpayers money Then hire the ones that want a job and will work for OUR KIDS not the UNION BOSSES and their PAID Office holders.

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