The phone lines were crammed for two full hours today during Grant’s shortened Monday edition after the Raiders suffered a disappointing loss at home at the hands of Tim Tebow and the Broncos. Fans were disgruntled about the turnovers by the offense, the shoddy run defense, the Swiss-cheese secondary and even the physical conditioning of the players.

While the majority of callers lamented the Raiders’ loss, a few chimed in with their excitement about the upcoming Giants/49ers showdown between what are currently two of the top three teams in the NFC.

  1. Marc Condos says:

    What you failed to see on Tuesday’s show when you were “stunned” that Joe Pa was possibly going to be suspended is what the rest of us understand. Child molesters are sick twisted individuals, those who enable them are simply evil. Your failure to understand that is a serious character flaw.

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