WOODLAND (CBS13) — The convicted murderer who killed a 22-month-old baby almost three decades ago will remain in prison for several more years after the victim’s family appealed the parole board’s decision to set him free.

Christopher Fowler plead guilty to second-degree murder 28 years ago for killing his girlfriend’s baby, Aaron Miller, and received a sentence of 15 years to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Fowler admitted he struck the child over and over, even throwing him into the ground, when Aaron wouldn’t stop crying.

Aaron slipped into a coma and died a few days later.

After more than a dozen hearings, a parole board finally found him suitable for release in November 2010, despite his family’s best efforts to keep him behind bars.

“I couldn’t believe it. How could they let a murderer out?” said Marcie Honkanen, Aaron’s aunt.

The victim’s family and the Yolo County District Attorney’s office asked Governor Jerry Brown to reconsider the parole board’s decision. In a rare move, Brown agreed and reversed the parole board’s decision in April, releasing a statement that said Fowler still posed a danger to the public.

“The fact that he did shows the gravity of this terrible, terrible murder,” said deputy district attorney Jonathan Raven.

Gov. Brown’s decision still gave Fowler another chance at a parole hearing, and Aaron’s family was back before the board Tuesday, pleading with officials to keep Fowler behind bars.

“I actually had to look out the window because I couldn’t stomach looking at him,” Honkanen said. “I still think he’s just as wicked as he was when he murdered Aaron.”

The parole board agreed with the family’s case and denied Fowler parole, keeping him behind bars for at least another three years.

Comments (5)
  1. Police your own children says:

    How can they let a murderer out? Every crime comes with a determined sentence. It has been thirty years.
    They give this one this long…and other killers only four who deserve much more than that four years.
    There is loss here, and I am dreadfully sorry, but if you had ever worked at prison, you would know,….he has paid his price ten fold.

    1. blah says:

      That’s true I see some people do have less time for murder too.

  2. gna says:

    I would prefer the court let the victims family decide his term after the guilty has reached term, if they say more, then more time it is. . .

  3. grapevine says:

    Yes and this family is allow this guy rent free in their minds, and they need to forgive, and let go. I am sorry for the lost, but he has paid his time, this family needs to let go, you can’t bring this baby back,

  4. Justice for Kids says:

    His punishment was 15 years to life….his life isn’t up yet.

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