Don begins the day by asking who would play Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno if there was ever a movie made about them. He then talks about G.M. Steve’s conversation with Craig yesterday about his knowledge of the price of weed. Don also asks if it is at all possible to bury the hatchet with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen, because Joe may be getting him on the show soon. Don tells us the story of his experience with Rich Eisen on the Don and Mike Show, that ended with Rich saying, “lose my number.” After calling a few 900 numbers, and discussing the Penn St. scandal a little further, Don plays a few racist Little Rascals clips, and a mashup of different versions of “Stairway To Heaven,” seeing how today is the 40th anniversary of its release.

Today is radio legend Walt Shaw’s 75th birthday, and Don calls his house to wish him a happy birthday. Don also plays a few of Walt’s tapes, including the “Dixon Cider” commercial. After hearing a few clips from last night’s episode of Glee, in which a gay sex scene occurred, the guys talk about Donte Greene’s charity basketball game, and how high the ticket prices are. Don and Dave then make a bet on when, if ever, will the NBA lockout be lifted (Dave says by Saturday). It is then time for another edition of “LaRoy’s World of Gay.” Today, Roy talks about his new dog, his Halloween party, and whether he’s a top or a bottom. Janet then stops by with gifts for Roy’s dog.

Then it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about car manufacturers ditching spare tires in their trunks to save money, Dancing With The Stars getting rid of Nancy Grace, and Regis leaving his show next Friday. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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