A lot to talk about today on the Grant Napear show, the first two hours flew by with callers weighing in on the Penn State scandal; claims against former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky, who has been charged in connection with the molestation of eight boys over a 15-year period. Callers did not hold back voicing their disgust with not only Jerry Sandusky, but Joe Paterno who is claimed to have known about what was going on for a long time and never brought it to the attention of the authority’s. Switching gears, callers talked about the NBA lockout. The players today did not except the proposal from the NBA of giving the players 51-Percent of basketball related income. Now with a deadline set for Wednesday before more games are canceled, pressure is on to reach a deal.

Checking into the show Brian Baldinger with the NFL Network gives his thoughts on all things NFL. When asked who is to blame for the so called “dream team” Philadelphia Eagles and their under performance Baldinger said, “It’s all on head coach Andy Reed’s shoulder, this team has no toughness to it.” Brian continued to talk about this week’s matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants saying, “The inside linebackers for the 49ers are the best in the game.” Adding “San Francisco is just physically better.” He went on to say that the Giants defense will not be able to contain the 49ers running game.

Next on the show, head coach of the Oakland Raiders Hue Jackson joins the show to talk Raiders football. When asked what was the most disappointing about last week’s loss, Coach Jackson said losing the game would have to be the most disappointing. Throughout the interview there was a clear message that Coach Jackson wanted to send to not only his team but to fans as well and that was, no matter what happens, no matter what bumps in the road that will present themselves; we will continue to get better. We will continue to keep grinding and do all we can to win every game.


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