PITTSBURG (CBS13) — Investigators discovered four family members dead in a quiet neighborhood home after a man told police about the murders before shooting himself.

The Pittsburg Police Department said they found the bodies of a 73-year-old man and a 65-year-old woman in one bedroom and a 35-year-old woman in another bedroom at the Contra Costa County home after receiving a phone call from the man identified by neighbors as 39-year-old Jason Aube.

The suspected shooter called authorities early Thursday morning to tell police he had killed his family and was planning to kill himself, according to Lt. Ron Raman.

Aube apparently left a suicide note to some of his family and friends on his Facebook page, blaming financial problems and fears he would lose his home.

There were no signs of a struggle and investigators say the victims may have been sleeping when the shooting began.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the identities of the victims, but neighbors said Aube was living inside the home with his wife and her retired parents.

Comments (8)
  1. gna says:

    So many nut cases. . . .everyday a new story and a new nut case. . .

  2. Sorry, he felt there was no other way out. says:

    Wow, if worse came to worse…..

    You go up the river or out in the woods and live off the land…. Been there and done that myself… For about 6-8 months… It was rough, but I did it, and if I can do it, anyone can.

    You don’t kill your family over something like, hard times….. That’s when you all pull together and keep things going strong.

    What a waste…..

  3. Rebecca Weaver says:

    My sister worked With Cindy and the is what she had st say.
    My coworker Cindy and her parents where shot by her husband this morning at their home in Pittsburg, CA. They where about to lose their home and this is the way he decided to deal with it. By taking out a beautiful, kind loving human being! What’s wrong with people! Cindy was a friend and always happy, cheerful, and ready to offer assistance at work, and she will be greatly missed. On random Fridays she could be found in our kitchen at work frying up Lumpia for all “Just because it’s Friday!” she would say. I don’t understand why her husband felt the need to take everyone with him! Trying to wrap my mind around it!

  4. John says:

    What I don’t understand is if you can’t handle it, fine off yourself!. Why take out three other people because YOU cant handle something? I just don’t get that mind set.

  5. Dave from Overaa says:

    Cindy and her family will be missed by all. Cindy was an incredible individual with an amazing personality. They did not deserve this. Rest in peace and know you were loved by many.

  6. oldfart says:

    Anybody out there with money problems it’s not that bad. I went from making $80,000. a year to being unemployed lost my house and went bankrupt. But my wife and kids still love me anyway. Its not the end of the world. As long as there is life there is hope.

  7. TRF40 says:

    If they are having money problems, why are her parents living there. That’s two more mouths to feed and I’m sure they didn’t contribute much. Why is she spending money making food for work. That may have set him off. You need to save every penny and aggravate the situation by doing these things. They obviously could not afford this.

    1. Minerva Aquino says:

      For your information her parents were retired. They have pension.
      They were not parasite. They lived with them so they could help their financial problem..

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