FAIRFIELD (CBS13) -– A man killed his wife and then himself after deputies responded to reports of a domestic disturbance in Solano County on Thursday night.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Department said deputies raced to Chadbourne Road just off Interstate 80 near Fairfield after hearing that a man with a gun was arguing with a woman inside a vehicle.

Deputies heard two gunshots when they arrived at the scene and found two bodies inside the vehicle. Preliminary reports indicate the man shot the female victim before turning the gun on himself.

The suspected gunman’s brother, Carlos Preciado, said the suspect called another family member earlier in the day and told him he had been drinking and was distraught over a pending divorce with his wife.

Preciado said he frantically attempted to contact the suspect after hearing from concerned family but could not get through to him before the deadly incident.

Family members said the husband and wife had been married for eight years and had four children under the age of 10.

The identities of the decedents have not been released.

Comments (3)
  1. Steven_Ren says:

    BOOM! Headshot!

    1. gna says:

      no, just dumb shot.

  2. jlo says:

    POS, Get mad over a pending divorce, get drunk and kill the Mother of your children, and yourself? Remove yourself…don’t leave your 4 children without their Mother because you aren’t man enough to deal with life’s realities.
    My thoughts and condolences to the children and family.

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