Today, Don starts off with the new ratings, and in the 28-54 male demographic, we are in third place- ahead of those hacks Rob, Arnie, and Dawn!! Don also talks about Eddie Murphy dropping out of hosting the Oscars, which means Don wins the bet against Dave on how well Eddie will do. Don then plays the clip of Rick Perry’s guffaw last night during the GOP debate, in which he can’t remember which agencies in the government he would shut down. After a serious discussion on the Penn St. scandal, and Joe Paterno being fired by the university, Don tells us about a story in which George Clooney claims he had his first orgasm when he was 7. We then hear about some gay penguins at the Toronto Zoo who have to be separated for breeding purposes, and Michael Jackson’s deathbed being auctioned off. Dave bets Don that the bed will go for over $100k.

We then get a visit from comedian Anthony Jeselnik, who talks about being a writer for Jimmy Fallon, how doing the Comedy Central roasts have changed his career, and the comedians that helped him out on the way up. Anthony even does an intro for the “Phantom News Hour!” After Anthony visits, Kevin Harlan from The NFL on CBS stops by to talk football with the guys. Kevin tells us about growing up around the Packers’ organization because his dad worked in the front office, his climb in broadcasting, and being the voice of THE NBA 2K video game. Don then tells us about a new app he just got: the “Husband Motivator.” The guys all agree it’s a pile of crap.

After playing a video of Joe Paterno crapping his pants on national television during a football game, Rich Eisen from the NFL Network stops by. Rich, who once was feuding with Don, buries the hatchet today in this interview. Rich talks about working on the NFL Network, his podcast, and the idea of Thursday night football all season. It is then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about Occupy protesters in Berkeley getting arrested, the city of Stockton, CA having the highest foreclosure rate in the state,  and Ed Lee winning the San Francisco Mayoral Election, making him the first Asian Mayor of San Francisco ever. We then get a visit from Curt Menefee, host of the FOX NFL pregame show. Curt talks about working with Terry, Howie, and Jimmy, and Frank Caliendo’s impersonations of him. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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