Copper Thieves Cause Water Damage To Sacramento Business

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Crews are cleaning up this morning after copper thieves caused some water damage to a Sacramento dry-cleaning business.

Sheriff’s deputies got a call from the alarm company monitoring the Swanson’s Cleaners on Madison Avenue.

Deputies saw three men allegedly stealing copper from the store.

Deputies pulled over the suspect vehicle and arrested the trio.

Inside the car, deputies found a pair of bolt cutters they believe were used in the heist.

Some damage was done to the water pipes at the business causing some flooding inside. The pipes will have to be repaired.

  • gna

    All copper thieves should serve 5 years in a labor camp, and forfeit one finger

  • Anonymous

    You report three males taken into custody; however, 2 male & 1 female taken into custody. Love that you report REAL local news, but no good if you drop the ball.
    Check her history…nice story laying in the wings.

  • anonymous

    no actually there was 3 males and 1 female so everybody needs to get it right. i just really want to know how many times you can get caught and get away with it.

  • Saami Hirsi

    The single biggest invest in you’ll likely ever make is your home. If your property is harmed through hearth or even drinking water, you may well be confused in the scope of the destruction.water damage

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