SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local music teacher who had taught children in their homes has been arrested for possessing child pornography, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Dept.

Robert Michael Broadfoot, 29 was arrested in Sacramento for having hundreds of photos and videos depicting child pornography on his computer. The items were discovered during a search of Broadfoot’s home on October 11.

The FBI told local authorities that Broadfoot downloaded the media over the Internet.

Anyone with information regarding Broadfoot is asked to call the Internet Crimes Against Children task force at 916-874-3000.

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  1. WisenCynical says:

    Wow.. does this smell a bit like Big Brother? (Granted this guy teaches kids then goes online to do the rest… yikes!). What else will they act on I wonder? How much information about us does the government track? The Internet is now the best method for the US Government to track it’s population. All they need is your IP address and a warrant.

    1. Ticked off says:

      So very true. If they went after the people who put them on the net to download free instead of people who download, it would STOP!
      But they wouldn’t make any money for the courts or CDC if they did that, now would they? No political ladders to climb, no money on a daily basis paid for each prisoner, and no back room [alley] decisions for plea bargains that usually turn out to the state’s benefit . Not for victims or suspects-guilty or not.
      I still haven’t received restitution for a crime committed against me over 12 years ago. The state took it instead of where it was needed to pay for three surgeries and a life of disability,. They don’t care,. And the perp now walks free because he wasn’t ‘nedia’ worthy or ladder climbing worthy.
      there is no justice for victims or prisoners anymore. Just a system based on the dollar and politics.
      And the rest of us watch….

      1. Ticked off says:

        ‘media’ not ‘nedia’.

  2. dolby says:

    Doesn’t this news page have a copy editor?

    “Media” is a method of communication, e.g. a telephone, newspaper, TV/radio. This guy downloaded MATERIALS or PHOTOS over the Internet, but he certainly did not download “media.”

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