An action-packed four-hour show started fast Mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson talking about how the lockout and economic climate in Sacramento are affecting efforts to get a new Sports and Entertainment Complex built.  Mayor Johnson explained the challenges they face in negotiating with the NBA and the Maloofs, especially considering that no games are being played.  He discussed the relationship that he has with the NBA and the role it will play in striking a deal and gives his thoughts on Sandy Sheedy’s controversial “push poll”.

Grant then mentioned his wish for the National League to abolish the designated hitter, which briefly sent the phone lines into a frenzy.

As a brief reprieve from a debate that’s lasted decades, Charles Davis led off his weekly spot with some advice to Grant on how to handle the crowds at Disneyland – including dealing with an ornery mascot. Then it was on to the real issue – football. Charles thinks LSU and Oklahoma State would be a dynamite matchup, in the BCS title game and the Cowboys are loaded with offensive firepower – but likely would be no match for the Tigers’ defense.  Charles and Grant also had a chuckle at the expense of a 13-year-old Andy Reid, which launched a discussion about overgrown teenagers and the fabulous Sherman Plunkett.

Starting off the third hour, Grant’s rant targeted the latest New York-area nightclub gun-control failure involving his beloved Giants.

Then, Ian Thomsen, Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated, checked in with his thoughts on the NBA Lockout. Thomsen stated that both sides have completely lost touch with their fans and that he believes neither side has control over their “mission”, and if that wasn’t the case, the league wouldn’t be facing a lawsuit.  He’s also not completely sure that the league’s threat to reduce their offer to 47% is serious, but that anything is possible now that they’re getting lawyers involved.

With no “Fan Rant” today, Raiders’ tailback Michael Bush (who was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week for his record-breaking performance against the Chargers last Thursday) took the chance in the six o’clock hour to point out the solid play of the offensive line as a major reason for his success.  Bush talked about what he’s seen on tape with the Minnesota Vikings and praised Jared Allen as a big-time playmaker on the defensive line.  

To round out the interviews in the next-to-last segment, UC Davis first-year Men’s Head Basketball Coach Jim Les talked about his upcoming season at UC Davis. He also took the time to reflect on his playing career – some of which was spent with the Sacramento Kings.  Grant and Jim swapped stories about some of the times that were rough in terms of wins and losses but great for finding good company.  Jim said he emphasizes education first with his players and has a good reputation for high graduation rates that has followed him to Davis.


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