Today, Don and the guys talk about last night’s Broncos/Jets game, and Tim Tebow’s last-second dramatics, giving the Broncos their fourth victory since he took over at quarterback, and getting the team to 5-5. They also discuss today being Regis’ last day on Live with Regis and Kelly, and his appearance on Letterman last night, in which he wrecked a Vespa. The guys also talk about Donte Greene’s poker tournament that they’re attending tonight in Roseville. Joe plans on winning the whole thing, but Don and Dave plan on going all in immediately if someone at their table starts annoying them. Don also tells us that he has neighbors who will be house sitting for him while he’s out of town for the holiday, but that he’s installed surveillance cameras that he can access from his phone, just in case.

After discussing Don’s dwindling candy stash from Halloween, Dave tells us he used the vibrating penis ring on Melissa last night, and demonstrates how to use it on a Magic Marker. Slow Joe then draws an elaborate and hilarious picture of Dave wearing the ring. We then hear about a woman in D.C. who’s been arrested for giving people silicone butt implants, and Don reads an email from a Neurosurgery Professor who was on the Don and Mike Show 25 years ago. The guy has a new album out, and Don plays a few of the cuts from his website. After a discussion on what certain cartoon characters would look like grown up, it’s time for Phantom to make sexy phone calls for the listeners.

Don plays a few Regis clips, including his appearance on Katie Couric’s show last night, and the Vespa wreck on Letterman, and then Don calls WABC TV in New York to see if he can talk to Regis (Apparently Regis is still at the after party). Don then makes his weekly phone calls to Green Bay, but unfortunately, our good friend Kathryn at the Brett Favre Steakhouse is unavailable, so the guys play “Foreign or Domestic” with NFL cities, and pick the games for this weekend. Our friend Steve Bryant also sends us bagels this morning. We then get a visit from Brian Billick, color analyst for FOX NFL, who’s calling the 49ers/Cardinals game this Sunday. Brian talks to us about the Broncos/Jets game last night, how to stop Tim Tebow, and address the critics who say Alex Smith is just anther Trent Dilfer.

There is a 440 acre wildfire in Reno, and Don calls Panama from KBZZ to talk to him about what’s going on with evacuations, schools being closed for the day, and the damage being done by the blaze. Don then makes his yearly call to the Butterball Turkey Hotline. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: Regis’ last show, the Reno wildfire, an Occupy Wall St. update, the Natalie Wood death case being reopened, and the top ten rappers turned actors. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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