Today on The Carmichael Dave Show, Dave begins by giving a call to his buddy Urijah Faber, who is coming off his victory over Brian Bowles Saturday night in UFC 139. Urijah, on his way to L.A. to make an appearance for Inside MMA, talks about his strategy in beating Bowles, including the dummy uppercut he threw to get Bowles to lower his head, leading to the second round guillotine choke out. After the phone call, Dave talks about a possible new UFC event in Sacramento soon, and Dave analyzes the early stoppage in the Silva/Le fight that Joe Rogan disagreed with.

Dave then talks about the “Goon Squad Classic” last night- the exhibition game at UC Davis that Sacramento King Donte Greene put together. Dave plays clips of his interviews with newest King Jimmer Fredette, former King Spencer Hawes, and even Donte himself, and tells us about the massive undertaking it took on Donte’s part to make this charity event such a success.

Dave then gets a visit from former King and Sacramento favorite Scot Pollard, who is in town for the 10th annual Season Of Giving charity events. Scot spends two segments in the studio with Dave, and talks about his weekly radio show, hanging out with Grant apear, the atmosphere at Kansas University (where he played college ball), and the genuine chemistry that existed among the Kings players during his time in Sacramento. He also tells us the Vlade Divac “Krispy Kreme” story, how different Sacramento would be without the Kings, and how the Kings/Lakers rivalry was the biggest he had ever been a part of.

After Scot leaves, Dave reiterates how much fun he had at the “Goon Squad Classic” and the importance of keeping the Kings in Sacramento Dave finishes up the show by announcing that Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander has been announced the AL MVP.


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