SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Businesses everywhere are hoping to get a boost from holiday shoppers.
But on K Street in Sacramento, they’re relying on cars to drive in new business.

It’s been more than a week now since the area was reopened to cars, and businesses contacted by CBS13 said they have noticed an uptick in customers.

“I have had a few people on the weekends come in and say ‘we didn’t know you were here, we drove by and stopped,'” said Kim Anderson, the manager of Ambrosia Café on the corner of 11th and K.

Anderson says that’s a good sign but that after a week and a half of cars being allowed to roll down K Street for the first time in 40 years, she says there has been no noticeable difference in business.

“I think eventually it will bring more people down and if a small percentage of those people come, in that’s great,” she said.

Next door, Pyramid Alehouse said the same thing. There’s been no change in the number of customers.

And despite the street being open to traffic for more than 10 days, we saw very few cars on it at all on Tuesday afternoon.

David Wiley lives in downtown Sacramento and isn’t happy K Street opened up.

“Every downtown should have a tranquil, peaceful, traffic-free area,” he said. “There’s no parking, so there’s no reason to have traffic.”

And that’s one of the main reasons people downtown are not convinced the change will help business, the lack of parking.

“I have not noticed that big of a difference in the area,” said Bob Stewart of Granite Bay.

But Anderson says she’s still happy with the change. She says people still aren’t used to driving down K Street, but they’ll learn.

“It’s still really weird to see cars down there,” she said.

Comments (10)
  1. Carolyn Mannarino says:

    It isn’t safe to go downtown to shop. It isn’t worth the risk of being
    mugged or hassled for money.
    No Security=No Business for Downtown.

  2. Thomas Coker says:

    Thomas Coker
    THE NEW K STREET SACRAMENTO No Parking do we drop off customers??
    I finally got the opportunity to drive down K Street today and to my surprise I was the only car in both directions!! It feels like your on an extremely bumpy road with all the bricks so I felt 10 mph was adequate. I went from 8th Street to 12th Street then back. Really boring and it felt strange with no-one around except the homeless people settling down for the night with sleeping bags in hand and back packs for pillows. Very sad but is this our new shopping experience ?? Just Asking!!

  3. gna says:

    If it’s not safe= that means no business,

    my guess is no money,, there are alot of people out of work. . .

  4. icracker says:

    You Lib’s have had 100% control of policy in Sac for as long as anybody has been alive. One would think that Sac would be a utopia by now, instead Sac is a toilet with your crime and lowlifes spread throughout the city under the guise of affordable housing. It is no wonder to me why you do not print the races of crime victims and those committing the crime, for it would be obvious to all that your white population is under attack by your out of control black population

    1. Thomas Coker says:

      what a moron to think the way you do 😦

      1. Fred says:

        What a moron to dismiss his comments

  5. Ola says:

    Have you seen the businesses on K Street? They all look dirty and there are no convenient parking spaces. What a joke! We spent miliions of dollar to open up K Street to traffic and yet businesses still lack customers.

    1. Fred says:

      Because there is no business there anyone wants to patronize

  6. Eightcats Home says:

    I told my son (an urban planner) when he came to introduce a grandchild, “You gotta see this. It’s the stupidest street “fix” ever!” We went and laughed and laughed at the Convention Center encroached on K Street, blocking it with truck docking bays and substandard sidewalks. The Sacramento stupids fixed K Street downtown so it’s in a space smaller than the downtown street of Marysville.Lots of people live in Marysville. Stick the convention truck parking onto 14th street! Tear down the Convention structures in the K Street roadway! Rebuild the K Street between 13th and 15th Streets with parking and sidewalks!

    1. Fred says:

      tear down Sacramento. Start with the Capital, then move to City Hall

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