Brian Baldinger with the NFL network joins the show to talk all things NFL. When asked about the matchup between the Dolphins and the Cowboys coming up this Thanksgiving Thursday, Baldinger said Miami has been playing very well as of late. They have been able to get the ball to Reggie Bush early. They have also been able to prove that they can be very good vs. the run. Baldinger feels that Miami matches up well vs. the Cowboys.

Looking at the second helping of football this Thursday when the 49ers take on the Ravens, Baldinger started by saying that the 49ers dismantled the Cardinals. They could not do anything last week. He went on to say that the way these two teams play, this game could come down to field goals. Baldinger feels that the 49ers mentally may be as tough as anybody in the league. And for the third helping of football this Thursday Baldinger gives his thoughts on the Packers matchup vs. the Lions saying Detroit is the best team defensively on 3rd down right now and that can prove to be an issue for the Packers. He expanded by saying, the “Packers defense does not scare anybody the Packers give up a lot of yards to everybody. There could be a lot of points scored in this game.” And closing out the interview Brian Baldinger shared his thoughts on the Denver move to waive Kyle Orton saying, “Tim Tebow is the best thing to happen to the NFL this season.” He went on to say, “His team is juiced right now and it is all because on Tebow.


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