ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A local man says the latest movie in the popular ‘Twilight’ franchise triggered a seizure, and similar incidents have been reported in theaters around the country.

Brandon Gephart and Kelly Bauman said they were watching “Breaking Dawn: Part One” at a theater Friday night when Brandon sudden began convulsing during a graphic birthing scene.

Brandon said he doesn’t remember anything until he woke up on the theater floor, but Kelly said he was, “convulsing, snorting, trying to breathe.”

“He scared me big time,” she added. Paramedics transported the man to the emergency room and the theater had to cancel the rest of the movie for that showing.

Several reports on internet movie sites show reports of other people suffering similar symptoms during the same scene, which contains flashes of red, black and white. Dr. Michael G. Chez, the medical director of pediatric neurology and epilepsy for Sutter Sacramento, said the reports indicate the scene may be triggering an episode of photosensitive epilepsy.

While rare, the condition can be triggered by flashing red lights in people who are genetically predisposed.

“It’s like a light switch going off, because it hits your brain all at once,” Dr. Chez said.

Similar reports resulted after a 1990s episode of the television show Pokémon, which triggered seizures in children. Manufacturers have revamped modern television and video games so screens don’t project the dangerous light frequency, Dr. Chez said.

“The trouble with theaters, it’s dark, the lights flashing in there is more like a strobe light,” he added.

A single seizure should not cause long-term damage to most patients, Dr. Chez said. Wearing sunglasses with cheap blue lenses can filter the red light for moviegoers who want to be on the safe side.

Brandon is being checked out by a specialist. Kelly said Brandon has fulfilled his duty as a boyfriend and won’t need to see any more “Twilight” movies with her.

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  1. Liz Gephart says:

    Thank you Kris & crew for running this story! My family appreciates getting the message out there along with the helpful information. Thank you so much from a concerned mom.

  2. gna says:

    Kind of like a Blipvert with no explosion . . . . . . .remember that ??

  3. The Blogger says:

    I have never been interested in Twilight

    Who even goes to movies anymore. Now we have Cable, netflix, redbox etc.

    I would rather stay at home & watch Sons of Anarchy, Gold Rush, American Chopper, First 48, Hawaii Five O & Blue Bloods just to name a few.

    1. Hey You says:

      To the blogger:

      Watching TV is a total waste of time- – – – I spend my time much better by reading blogs on the internet.

    2. California red says:

      Who cares what you would rather watch on tv? People are free to enjoy movies at the theater if they want. You sound like a fascist with bad taste in tv programs.

  4. The Blogger says:

    Before I forget:

    Special thanks & Happy Thanksgiving to my 77,000 readers!

    1. you says:


      seriously. a blog? it’s not 1997 anymore.

      1. Marty says:

        Well, a more appropriate response would have been, “Go back to 1997,” but I totally agree.

  5. Leigh says:

    Thank you for posting! I haven’t had a seizure in a very long time but now I know to look away from the screen when I go to see this movie and when that scene comes up. I’ve heard previous reports of people getting sick during that scene but this is the first I’ve heard of seizures. After reading this article I decided to research it more and found other reports of seizures in other states. That’s why I came back to this website to say thank you for posting this and I hope that other people will read this article and the other articles on the web before seeing the movie.

  6. OtterNation says:

    I think the more important issue at hand here is why was he watching Twilight? I think this needs to be looked into a little more.

    1. CivilWarPlease says:

      Even more inportant, what is a pretty girl like that doing with a eunuch that mutilated his own ears?

    2. reading rainbow says:

      “Kelly said Brandon has fulfilled his duty as a boyfriend and won’t need to see any more “Twilight” movies with her.”

    3. IFB says:

      He wento to watch Twilight because his GF dragged him there. That is the only logical reason a male would go to these movies.

  7. Dennis says:

    Non-sense ! All lies!
    These hysterics are populated by Twighlight producers.
    It’s called marketing and they will stoop to any level to generate excitement and ticket sales. You sheep have no idea.

  8. chris says:

    his “duty”? wow.

  9. Wakefield says:

    If I ever went to see Twilight I’d probably end up not remembering what happened the entire movie as well.

  10. princetrumpet says:

    Any chance it causes seizures because you suddenly realize you’ve thrown away 10 bucks?

  11. Blogger says:

    Yea people having seizures are all lies. Get real.
    By getting this word out it could save some epileptic people from having an episode. Thank you Kris and crew for posting this.

  12. Joe Drager says:

    It was just lights that did it? Damn; I was hoping it was the first sighting of the baby bloodsucker that did it.

  13. KCB says:

    If you don’t have anything nice to say at least know your facts before calling us liars. If we can save people the ambulance bill, ER bill, regular doctor bill and neurologist bill we are facing, not to mention him losing his license over having an episode that is what we want.

  14. Team Nobody says:

    This headline should probably be changed to read, “Genius Finds Way to Escape Watching Twilight with Sadistic Girlfriend.” My hat is off to you, sir; I probably would have simply resorted to chewing my own arm off.

  15. Dougaditch says:

    How do we know he was not turning into a Werewolf?

  16. Rex Maxwell says:

    Strobing lights aren’t causing this. Nature is providing a warning: If you’re a male wasting two hours of precious life and $20 to see “Twilight”, then convulsions are only the beginning? True horrors await if you dont get away IMMEDIATELY!

  17. The Sage Waitress says:

    Maybe the glittery, smooth-chested prettyboy scenes overloaded his brain?

  18. Frank N. Stein says:

    Seizure bad.

    Me not like vampire.

  19. Frank N. Stein says:

    Zombie good.

    Werewolf bad.

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