SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Apparently not satisfied with stealing a woman’s purse, a suspect came back to her home to try to steal her truck after finding the vehicle’s keys and address inside the purse, according to police.

The suspect, Jeremy Fruge, 32, came to her residence in the 5600 block of Elvas Avenue in East Sacramento and tried to steal her pickup using the stolen keys.

He crashed the truck into a nearby car. The victim, who spoke to CBS13 but did not want to be identified, says she put The Club, a locking device on the truck after her purse was stolen, fearing the thief would come back for it.

“I actually did not leave the house yesterday because I was afraid someone might be watching the house,” she said.

After crashing the truck, Fruge reportedly jumped into the car that brought him to the area. Officers responded and located the suspect vehicle, being driven by Bridgette Kennedy, 33, as she was dropping the suspect off to enter a store.

Fruge was walking inside when officers arrived and arrested Kennedy, police said. Additional officers arrived and arrested Fruge inside the store. Fruge had the victim’s keys in his possession when arrested, police said.

fruge kennedy Keys From Stolen Purse Used In Truck Theft Attempt

Jeremy Fruge, left, and Bridgette Kennedy

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  1. Lavenia Winter says:

    Maybe he wanted to get some money for another tattoo?

  2. gna says:

    You can tell that dude is as dumb as a rock. . . . . she is a loser because she associates with him . . . but that guy needs a ride back to the cage he came out of.

  3. Wendy Barton says:

    You know in the old days they shot or hung horse thieves because the horse was a mans only transportation to work and to feed the family AHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE GOOD OLD DAYS!

  4. Just another day in Sac says:

    Do these tatoos make my forehead look big? Girlfriend looks 63 instead of 33. Damn losers, get off the Meth!

  5. Keep them locked up! says:

    His criminal arrest record goes back to 1998 in Sacramento County. Anyone can look up court records through the Sac Court Index ( Those are prison tattoos on his neck and head. Thank you Governor Brown for AB109. This guy has been in and out of prison since 1998. He was sentenced to 4 years in state prison on 9/24/2009. Oops, what happened people? He paroled early, or was given time off for “good behavior”. Additionlly, he was arrested on 11/4/2011 M BP4140 POSSESSION OF HYPODERMIC NEEDLE/SYRINGE. Nice guy. Next time go visit Jerry Brown.

  6. Nan says:

    A good reason to have a PO Box and use it for your DL and registration.

  7. just sayin... says:

    Keep Them Locked Up!!!…not that i disagree with you – don’t blame AB 109 for this guys early release….prior to AB 109 the sentencing guidelines provided half time credit for individuals with out strikes; individuals with strikes who had not been “STRUCK OUT” would not get the 50% reduction in time; however they do get a 15% reduction ( serving 85% ). So if he was sentenced to 4 years in September 2009 his half time would have been around September 2011…not to mention any credits he may have received while in county jail waiting to be sentenced. This guy would not have been eligible to get out any earlier based on AB 109 because of his extensive history and proven return rate. I dont even know this guy; but based on his artwork he has been a resident of CDCR for a long time.

  8. URFULOFIT says:

    He crashed the truck and then TOOK THE KEYS with him. And then was caught with them. If nobody got a good look at him…this would have been a weak case without the keys. Soooo….in his rabid-a$$ed mind…he was probably going to give the victim a week or so to fix the truck, then go back for it again. He must REALLY want that truck.

  9. is this oak park? says:

    ! Nice observation !I hadn’t thought of that sequence of events in exactly your way. A succinct psychological profile of a brain on drugs.

  10. rmcsticks says:

    he and his b itch are POS and always will be. I say just shoot them both, it’s just a matter of time before he or his dog kill someone.. both of them look like f-n losers

  11. Ta_Da says:

    What makes anyone think he’s been to jail? He looks like a chior boy! I think they made a mistake with her , for sure she’s got to be 66. Nice looking chick perfect for the chior boy!

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