Students Protest Occupy Crackdowns At UC Meeting

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — University of California students have disrupted a UC board meeting, forcing officials to move to another room.

UC leaders attending Monday’s Board of Regents meeting at the San Francisco-Mission Bay campus left the meeting hall after protesters began shouting and chanting.

UC spokesman Steve Montiel says the regents are moving to a different room and plan to resume the meeting.

Students are protesting at four campuses where board members are gathering by teleconference after worries about violence led to the cancellation of a previous meeting.

Board members, university administrators and the public are attending Monday’s meeting at locations on the Los Angeles, Davis, Merced as well as San Francisco-Mission Bay campuses.

During the public comment period, students spoke out against recent police crackdowns on Occupy camps on the Davis and Berkeley campuses.

UC leaders said they support students’ right to demonstrate peacefully and will investigate a widely publicized UC Davis incident in which police pepper-sprayed sitting protesters.

“Today’s meeting was a perfect opportunity for students and allies to show their solidarity with UC Berkeley and UC Davis students and speak against the UCPD’s brutal beating and pepper spraying of students. Students also stood up to demand that the Regents join students in pushing for progressive tax measures and commercial property tax reform in 2012.” said Claudia Magaña, UCSA President.

The regents were originally scheduled to meet in mid-November at the San Francisco-Mission Bay campus, but the session was scrapped when law enforcement warned that protests could turn violent.

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  • Hike the tuition fees

    Taxpayer funding should be cut for these “education” institutions. If the students want to strike and protest, let the institutions be funded by tuition raises.

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  • Whitey

    Yep… all these granola eating complainers. How many of them could pay for their own education outright? Have they forgotten it’s banks that loan them the money? How many of them accept scholarship moneys?

    If they don’t like it let them go find a job. See how they handle it when uncle sam takes 40% of their paycheck.

    • End GOP Terrorism

      Dear dim whit, that is what the students are protesting. Putting themselves in the poor house to be able to afford an education. And, how do you propose these people “go find a job” when you need an advanced degree to be a janitor now-a-days? See how the system is rigged? Probably not. Go back to watching FOX news and Bill ‘the anti-christ” Riley. That is where you belong.

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