Michael Jackson’s Doctor Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The doctor convicted of killing Michael Jackson has been sentenced to the maximum term of four years behind bars.

Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced Tuesday, three weeks after a jury convicted the cardiologist of involuntary manslaughter. The judge chastised him for a “horrific violation of trust” in caring for Jackson.

Prosecutors had urged the judge to sentence the doctor to the maximum, arguing his treatment of Jackson with a powerful anesthetic ended the life of the King of Pop and left his three children without a father.

Attorneys for the 58-year-old Murray argued that probation was a more appropriate sentence, given his lack of a criminal history and the fact he will lose his medical license.

Sheriff’s officials say Murray will serve a little less than two years behind bars.

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Nishida says Dr. Conrad Murray will be housed in a one-man cell and kept away from other prisoners.

She says the doctor’s involuntary manslaughter sentence is automatically being cut in half due to state laws.

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  • Ginger Reese

    He should have gotten more time. The drug he used is supposed to be used in under a doctors watch and being monitored at all times. Why did he remove all the medical equipment before help arrived? When asked if he had given Michael any drugs his answer was no. I hope he loses his medical licnece for good. All he cared about was the money, NOT the patient.

  • Plain Facts

    Let’s see, 1 Child Molester dead and a greedy doctor sent away for 4 years…Seems like a good day, everyone get’s their due justice.

    • Facts&Fictions

      And you are an idiot !! You Are not there on both cases, so ur hoe.

  • luanne

    Four years is not enough time for this doctor, he still believes he did nothing wrong. And Michael was never proved quilty as a child molester, so don’t even go there. Michael’s kids loved their father and that’s what is important now, especially now. My prayers for the children.

  • Lady63

    It says he will serve a little less than 2 years behind bars. He should be getting a lot more time. Something is wrong with the system.

  • gna

    This guy is more of a witch Doctor that a practicing physician

  • latanya johnson

    He gets 4 years or lest thin 2 for what he did a person gets 6 to 8 for attempt robber they went by a shadow and he was not the one who did it.

  • jackie

    Unbelieveable, four years for using a dangerous drug not allowed out of a hospital setting. He should have been sitting and reading in Michaels room while he slept(after administrating that drug). They will have him helping care(yike)for prisoners, then release him for good behavior

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