DAVIS (CBS13) — In the latest development in the fallout from UC Davis police pepper spraying student protesters, a town hall meeting Tuesday night gave faculty and staff the chance to be heard.

Students were out on campus as well, occupying the quad and Dutton Hall as the chancellor met with faculty and staff to hear their thoughts on what’s landed this university in the national spotlight.

“The major issue is the integrity of the university, the integrity of this campus,” one man at the meeting said to Chancellor Linda Katehi. “You’ve had a massive fail on that. You need to cop to that.”

“I do think that the statements you made on the first two days of the event were wildly off,” said another.

But not everyone criticized the chancellor.

“I really don’t understand the calls for her resignation,” a woman at the meeting said.

For her part, Katehi reiterated that she thought the pepper spraying on Nov. 18 was a horrific act.

“Using pepper spray on peaceful protesters runs counter to our values, runs counter to my values, and it does not reflect well on us as a university,” she told the meeting crowd.

Katehi wants the charges against the protesters to be dropped, and she also offered that the university pay for any medical bills for those who were pepper sprayed.

But at Tuesday’s Occupy UC Davis meeting, students said it’s a start, but they still want her to resign.

“The students that were out there did not deserve to have that happen to them, and I do think the school should be responsible for that,” one protester said.

“It’s ultimately not addressing the real problems as to why the students were out here in the first place, and what gave the police officers the power to spray them in the face with pepper spray,” another protester said.

There are five separate investigations into the pepper spraying, and no indication as to when the results of any of those findings will be complete.

Comments (5)
  1. Gene Rossi says:

    In my opinion the chancellor shouldn’t give up her job, she has apologized for the mishap, the students should drop it and get on with the issue of high cost of education and help in that process of trying to lower it..You know what they say . .
    “I your not part of the solution . . .etc, etc.”

  2. Obama Nation says:

    Liberal idiots run the UC system, the students eat up this liberal garbage and become Obama voters…………and see what is happening to the country..

  3. dude says:

    The focus seems to remain on the Pepper Spray incident, yet UC Regents gave themselves and other UC Staffers huge pay increases.

    The UC system is spending money it doesn’t have at a time when no one has extra money to spend.

    The students have a valid reason to protest, yet they take their confrontation to the Police – while that may be a typical liberal action, the Police are not their problem – the Regents are. The protestors need to take their protests to the Regents and show respect to the Police.

  4. David Cantrell says:

    Paying medical bills of sprayed students? Are you kidding me? The officer gave the students several warnings to move from the street or face the concequinces. Obviously the prefered the pepperspray because the locked arms and continued to ‘sit’.

    1. Neil says:

      I completely agree. When the students were given much advance notice that the police would intervene they chose to sit there and not move. I don’t think pepper spraying them is the answer but the ‘sit in’ protesters should have been arrested and cited. If I was a parent of one of these protesters I would kick my kid’s butt and just concentrate on their school work!

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