By Steve Large

GRASS VALLEY (CBS13) – A toilet was blown to smithereens during a high school prank that not many people found funny. The students accused of causing the toilet trouble are now face felony charges.

It’s the kind of high school hijinx that will likely be passed on for generations here. It’s the blast that blew up the high school bathroom toilet. But the students who did it will now be paying a huge price.

“It no longer resembles a toilet,” said student Elan Goldman. “I mean, the entire bowl is gone.”

“People that were actually in the bathroom when it happened said there was like a white light from the toilet,” said student Connor Hayes.

It’s the tale of the toilet at Nevada Union High School.

“All of a sudden you hear this big boom during 4th period,” said student Chris Coler.

The sound came from inside a bathroom and traveled across campus. A strategically placed M80 explosive ripped giant chunks of porcelain off the bowl and sent them airborne, flying in every direction. The toilet seat hit the ceiling.

“It was powerful to completely blow up a toilet and shatter the lighting fixture above the toilet,” said Nevada County Sheriff’s Dept. spokesperson Alicia Milhouse.

At least one kid was still inside the bathroom when it blew.

Now the two students who allegedly did it are under arrest and may do serious time. The sheriff’s department is recommending felony charges.

“Any kind of prank needs to be within the realms of public safety and property damage,” said Milhouse.

One suspect, a 16-year-old, is already being held in juvenile hall. His alleged accomplice, a 15-year-old, has been released to his parents.

The “Toilet Twosome” is all the talk on campus.

“It’s like, kinda mixed. Like, there’s people like: ‘wow that’s insane. Like, why would anyone do that?’ and people who are just like: ‘these kids are kinda dumb’,” said Coler.

Now this high school toilet prank has plunged into a criminal probe. What may have seemed like fun at the time could be sending their high school careers right down the drain.

Each suspect faces charges of criminal conspiracy, possessing an explosive on campus and felony vandalism.

Comments (15)
  1. Dave says:

    Yes a dumb prank. But a felony charge, ridicules. Pay for the damage and a small suspension. Get real people.

  2. Jose says:

    typical redneck kids in that town. they need to discipline thier kids.

    1. Matt says:

      Please give me your definition of a “Redneck” .

    2. carolyn says:

      Inability to spell could be a sign of being a redneck.

  3. Jack says:

    When it happened in my high school back in the 50’s, we called the perpetrator “Marty the Hopper Popper”.

  4. Hack Stone says:

    When Bart Simpson did that, he was deported to France,

  5. Michael Lewis says:

    Make them repair/replace the toilet and help clean up around the school, use it as a teaching moment.

  6. Coler is an idiot says:

    “It’s like, kinda mixed. Like, there’s people like: ‘wow that’s insane. Like, why would anyone do that?’ and people who are just like: ‘these kids are kinda dumb’,” said Coler.

    You really need to check into some English as a second language courses. Like, really soon, like.

    1. Rod Cullins says:

      No kidding. This is why our schools are in trouble. The idiots set the bar.

    2. Matt W says:

      Really? That’s what you call being a teenager? Playing with explosives? I feel sorry for your kids if you have any as they will be the ones who are told everything they do is ok.

  7. Rod Cullins says:

    Oh…My…GOD! Felony charges? Really? We did things like that all the time in high school. It’s called “being a teenager”. Look it up, cops.

  8. Gene Rossi says:

    A felony is pretty damned stiff a charge, it will ruin these punks a poor ability
    to be productive in life with a rapp like that . . . . but if the sheriffs want to ruin these stupid kids futures I suppose it’s the way it goes . . . . . . better vote in another sheriff

    Just young, dumb and full of come . . .

  9. Matt says:

    Would you say the same thing if someone walked in and was seriously hurt by the explosion?

  10. Blake Logan says:

    these kids are hella good friends of mine and i went to school there. you guys got the story way wrong and it was just a prank. its not that big of a deal, it was just a toilet

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