Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don begins the morning by calling in Craig to read his recap from yesterday’s show. He then tells us a warm holiday story about a Zimbabwe man who hired a hooker that turned out to be his daughter. The man, in true Christmas spirit, found it in his heart to forgive her. We also hear that Noodles, who is on a health kick, and has a very unique fashion sense, took an excerpt from yesterday’s “Phantom News Hour” and sped up the tape, making everybody sound like munchkins, except Joe, who still sounded the same. Don also gets a funny text from Janet, who apparently was mauled by Don in his sleep. Don, unaware of this, calls Janet to have her clarify the text, and according to Janet, she thought he wanted some hippity dippity, but when she presented, Don just rolled over and continued his slumber.

Don also calls Dave from “Dave’s Christmas Trees” regarding fake trees for the station. Dave says he can have them for us first thing tomorrow! Don also talks about his favorite Christmas movie: A Christmas Story. While reciting the lines of some of his favorite scenes, the guys all agree that the mom in the movie, played by Melinda Dillon, is definitely a hottie, and Little Joe find pics of her topless online. We also find out from Craig that Scott Schwartz, the kid who played “Flick” in the movie, became a porn star. Don then reads a list of the filthiest areas in a mall. After discussing the passing of comedian Patrice O’Neal, and reading the Tweets of famous comedians in reaction, the guys ask who will complete the trifecta that Heavy D and Patrice have started. Don determines that it must be an overweight man of African descent. The listeners text in with their picks.

Don then reads an email from a listener who used to tune in to the Don and Mike Show back in the day, and just discovered Don’s new show yesterday. After Don expresses his gratitude to the man, he tells us the top 10 most shoplifted items. The guys also tell a few shoplifting stories of their own. After Don plays a clip of Brian Williams’ NBC Nightly News report in which a fire alarm went off during the broadcast, and the new single from Leslie David Baker (Stanley from The Office), it’s time to play “Stupid Jeopardy.” Among the categories today: “Name That Network,” “Game Show Hosts,” and “Why Celebrities Went To Jail.” Don then plays a few clips of the late Patrice O’Neal’s funniest moments.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Some of the stories today: LAPD arresting over 200 Occupy protesters, Dr. Conrad Murray gets 4 years for the death of Michael Jackson, and Lady Gaga appearing nude in Vanity Fair. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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