Today on The Grant Napear Show, there was a lot of discussion about the recent issues with Rolando McClain. Grant took calls on McClain, as well as the upcoming week in the NFL, Desean Jackson, and Andy Reid. Grant interviewed Darren Rovell, Vitt Tafur, Tim Ryan and Joe Davidson.

Darren Rovell from CNBC’s SportsBiz: Game On joined Grant today. They talked about the NBA Lockout and what happens now that the lockout is over. Rovell discussed the monetary scenarios for both owners and players in the deal that ended the lockout. He also talked about the ticket sales and how they will be affected now that the lockout has happened. Finally, Rovell and Grant talked about NBA free agency.

Vitt Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle was on with Grant today to talk about the Rolando McClain incident. They talked about what McClain could have been thinking having a gun on him while attending his grandfather’s funeral. Vitt talked about what the next steps are in the legal process, as well as what the Raiders or the NFL should do in taking disciplinary measures.

Tim Ryan from Fox Sports was on with Grant today. Tim will be calling the 49ers game on Sunday, and he talked about that game. He talked about what the 49ers will have to do to win, and also talked about the Rams and what their situation is this season. He also talked about Desean Jackson and his recent problems with the Eagles.

Joe Davidson from the Sacramento Bee was on with Grant today. They talked about the upcoming high school football playoffs in Sacramento. Joe broke down all of the upcoming matchups, and who the favorites are as well as who might pull off some upsets. He also talked about individual players and standouts from the playoffs.


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