SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The National Weather Service has issued a freeze warning throughout the region for the second straight night.

The warning is in effect from midnight until 9 a.m. Wednesday. Overnight lows will range from the upper 20s in rural areas of the Delta and the northern San Joaquin Valley to the lower 30s in the Sacramento Valley. The Sacramento metro area will again experience near freezing temperatures.

Durations below 30 degrees will last for one to four hours for some of the colder rural areas. Anything past four hours is when citrus crops such as mandarins can be in danger.

Temperatures will warm above freezing between 8 and 9 a.m. and overnight temperatures will warm up the rest of the week, according to CBS13’s Dave Bender.

People are reminded that they should take measures to protect frost-sensitive plants, make sure pets and other animals have shelter from the cold temperatures and outdoor water pipes should be wrapped, drained or allowed to drip slowly.


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