Burglary Suspect Needs To Be Rescued From Sacramento Gun Store

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — They say his plan was to take anything he could get his hands on, but in the end he was on his knees just begging to get out.

At “Just Guns” in Sacramento, they say if anyone breaks into this store there’s absolutely, positively no way they’re going to get out.

“I don’t know really at the end of the day why anybody would want to do that here,” owner Josh Deaser said.

treyveon brandon Burglary Suspect Needs To Be Rescued From Sacramento Gun Store

Treyveon Brandon

Investigators say this weekend 18-year-old Treyveon Brandon was trying to pull a fast one on the staff by hiding out in the store after closing time.

“I’d seen him all week coming in and out and every day,” Deaser said.

Deaser says Brandon had been snooping around the place that week, but Saturday he apparently vanished.

“I saw him and lost him and so probably thought he went in and out,” he said.

Before closing the staff believes Brandon may have slipped into a janitor’s closet and possibly climbed into a crawl space above the ceiling and waited.

Once the lights were out and the staff gone, Brandon allegedly climbed down and started snooping around. The alarm company heard movement and called Deaser.

Through speakers planted in the store, the alarm company started talking to Brandon and he apparently panicked.

Investigators say he was so desperate to get out that he ran to the back door but quickly found out there was no way out. The store turned into a steel vault.

“We could hear him trying to get out,” Deaser said, who opened the door for cops.

“When police got here he was already at the door and on his knees,” he said.

Deaser said Brandon was dressed in burglar gear.

“He had on a black hood and black outfit and had gloves and a flashlight,” he said.

The suspect is still behind bars at the Sacramento County jail and the gun store owner says wants to see him prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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