Big day today on the Grant Napear show, NBA fans from all over the world were excited to see the schedules released for all teams. Kings fans jumped at the chance to call and talk Kings Talk for the first time this season knowing that the season is just about two weeks away. Kings fans showed there showed their excitement all show about how the Kings will open the season vs. the Lakers at home on December 26th. With the season coming off a lockout it will be a little different then teams and fans are used to, with back to backs, and a 9 game home stand stretching from March 7th to March 22nd.

Switching gears from the NBA and talking football Hue Jackson joins the show on his weekly installment. Hue Jackson talks about last week’s loss to Miami that dropped them to (7-5) and 2nd in the AFC West saying “I don’t think we were flat, I think we were out played and out coached.” When asked about the Rolando McClain and the fact that he played last Sunday, Coach Jackson said if he felt that the allegations are true, there would have been no way that he would have played. The Raiders have a lot of work to do in a very short time to do it in with the season coming to a close. The next challenge will be this Sunday in Green Bay. When asked what the Raiders have to do to have a chance at stealing the perfect season away from the Packers Coach Jackson said, “You have to slow them down, and force some turnovers. It has been said before that the NFL season is one full of ups and downs. That could not be truer for the Oakland Raiders this season. In response to how to handle the long season coach Jackson said, “It’s a long grind; you have to be able to learn from the ups and downs of the season.” He goes on to say that, in order to beat the Packers our team has to be firing on all cylinders, 12 teams have had their shot at Green Bay and the Raiders and excited about their shot. Closing out this segment of the show coach Jackson talks about closing out the season strong saying, “We need to keep playing and keep winning. We need to be ready to go at every opportunity.”

Brian Baldinger with the NFL Network joins the show to share his thoughts on all things NFL. Starting with the Packers and their drive for perfection Baldinger said, “The Packers are not a defensive team, but they do have 23 interceptions in 12 games. Any time you give the ball back to the best QB in the league that is not a good thing.” He went on to say; “They give up lot of yards and points, but they take the ball back and do a lot of good things with it.” When asked what you have to do in order to beat the Pacers Bldinger replied, “You have to have a little luck out your side, you need Rodgers to be a little off his game.” He went on to say that you need to shake Rodgers up.


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